A Gallery of Strange Things Being Sold by a ‘Christian’ Ministry

Several days ago we highlighted the ministry of Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, the prophet and founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry in Nigeria. Fufeyin specializes in dream interpretation and prophetic training, recently claiming that he’s acquired a ‘heavenly master keys’ which is used to unlock prosperity, breakthrough, and success in people’s lives, and is now selling these keys for 100,000 Naira, or about $240, which is about a month’s salary for many people in the country.

Of course, we consider this man a rank heretic and his ‘ministry’ a devil’s plaything, but in our research, we came across his store, that had, among other things, a water spray that guarantees the birth of a child in a country plagued by high infant mortality rates. It wasn’t even being sold for cost, but rather for 20$ USD, which would translate to over $200 in the U.S, ensuring he gets paid if you don’t want your baby to die.

Unfortunately, hocking these silly wares is extremely common in these sorts of circles, these prosperity-preaching hucksters and frauds, and here are a few examples of some of the most bizarre. (With the apple being….just amazing…and the ziplock bag of salt being particularly high margin)

3 thoughts on “A Gallery of Strange Things Being Sold by a ‘Christian’ Ministry

  1. on one hand this is spiritually lethal and damaging. On the other, I can’t help but laugh at the utter cheesiness and sadness of how people actually purchase this. Oh yeah, lemme get some good smell fufeyin perfume on me. Or some I am a lion air fresher lol – the Nigerians really are trying to get up there with American hucksters…

    1. How much would an ethical hacker charge to take down this site. If we are believers in Christ, then we are ambassadors. This, and so much other nonesense needs to stop. This is at the same level of fog machines and “precious” gem stones raining down. 😞

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