Kyle J. Howard Claims SBC Seminary Prof. told him ‘Black Peeps have Inferior Theology’

Kyle J. Howard, between breaths of saying that he would never join a denomination led by white folk because of how inherently racist they are, and telling people it’s ok to not read God’s word or go to church if they find it “triggering” (see screencaps at end of post) has thought up a wonderful new tall tale describing shockingly racist behavior he experienced during his time at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS).

While Howard over the years has described in uncomfortable detail how much spiritual trauma he was traumatized with while being traumatized by anti-trauma experts who racially traumatized him and left him even more traumatized than the last time he was being spiritually and racially traumatized, this is a new story. You’ll recall he preciously claimed that someone told him “Since you’re black you probably don’t know what reformed theology is” and all these stories here .

In this case, Howard claims that one of his professors, desiring his class to do a research paper on a famous preacher, told the young skulls full of mush that he didn’t have any black pastors to recommend as black preachers had “inferior theology” to white preachers.

He then embellishes further.

Some very strong “I was in the line at the grocery store when a woman tapped me on the back and said ‘I don’t like your shirt that says “God bless the USA” on it.’ Then I loudly responded so that half the store could hear….and then everyone clapped and cheered and the manager came over and shook my hand,” and similar claptrap.

You know how that goes.

Unfortunately, Howard is known for his exaggerations and complete fabrication. This is why we’ve had a running bounty of $3000 to anyone who can bring proof that Howard was a gun-toting gang member for the Crips.

Lest anyone forget, Howard was born with incredible privilege, with the proverbial silver spoon placed there by two attorney-parents. He was raised in an affluent Atlanta suburb. His brother capitalized on his privilege and became an attorney like his parents before him and Howard has been a professional student for most of his life.

However, Howard claims in his website bio that in High School he became “heavily immersed” in the Crips gang. Howard claims he carried a razor blade in his mouth, a .38 revolver on his hip and drugs in his pocket.

Also according to Howard, he lived a double life, selling drugs at night but doing high school debate and keeping up his academics during the day. His parents apparently weren’t aware of his secret life as a Crips member because he would intellectually debate his parents over supper and then go smoke weed and live the thug life.

Howard also claims he was a “battle rapper” in the “underground circuit” while excelling at his High School Latin class.

Howard claims that upon meeting his future wife, he gradually walked away from all the gang activity (in the 11th grade – lol) and they let him go willingly. [Editor’s note: Apparently they didn’t want him around either?] Howard states that his then future wife was oblivious to his gang activity as well (this leaves a total of zero people who can substantiate Howard’s claims).

If you’re asking why he would make up stories that would make even Ergun Caner blush, it’s simple: with someone as privileged (and White-privileged at that) as Kyle J. Howard is, it’s critically important that he identify with the victim-class.

To do so, he claims he was a secret gang member in high school, thus establishing his intersectionality creds.

So no. We don’t believe him for a second. If he wants to name names we would welcome that. But until he does, it’s just another Howardian allegation, and we know how seriously we should take those.


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2 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard Claims SBC Seminary Prof. told him ‘Black Peeps have Inferior Theology’

  1. Yet another racial hoax.

    But those black preachers who’re having a cow because the SBC wants to get rid of CRT most definitely DO have an inferior theology.

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