Tim Keller’s Woke PCA Pastor: Racism Affects ‘All We Are and Do’


Pastor Abraham Cho was, up until a few days ago, the Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (RPC) East Side, one of the satellite campuses of Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church. He spent 6 years as senior pastor and 14 years in all with Redeemer, leaving the church on June 28, 2021, and writing of this departure plans:

Over the last several months, a sense of calling to teach and train pastors and ministry leaders in New York City has become more and more clear to me. God has placed in me a deep desire to take what I’ve learned from my experience in 20+ years of pulpit and pastoral ministry and use it to equip and train other leaders in the city.

Cho was also a speaker at the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) General Assembly, where he was invited to give a message on the spiritual power of weakness. A few days prior to his message he had this to say on Twitter, giving us a hint of the man who would seek to “teach and train” pastors:

Racism affects all that we are and do….

This is not a one-off, awkwardly worded missive. Cho is of the mindset that like Total Depravity, racism is a sin that is bound up in every square inch of our society, and all structures and institutions are thoroughly laced with it; a pervasive force that can’t ever go away. This has bled into his preaching at Keller’s church for years, and this is what will be taught to the next generation. It’s no coincidence that the church recommends books like Jemar Tisby’s (who works for Ibram X. Kendi) The Color of Compromise and repeating falsehoods like the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were racially motivated.

In a letter on the gospel, race, and the church, he writes:

The Bible also teaches that sin [Editor’s note: racism] has a corporate dimension—that the unrepented sins of a people are carried with them and later generations are held responsible…Sin also has a demonic dimension, which becomes especially evident when human evil becomes embedded in our traditions, philosophies, and legal regulations. This is why “just preaching the gospel” while necessary, is insufficient. Where sin becomes embedded into our structures, repentance requires institutional reform…We must dismantle structures that perpetuate injustice and keep us divided.”

The PCA may have done good work in curb stomping the Revoice crowd on the topic of homosexuality, but they have a lot fo work to do if they’re going to push back or survive the coming storm of Critical Race Theory, such that is evidentally alive and well in the church home of one of the denomination’s best known Presbyterians.

Editor’s Note. This article was written by Pastor Ed Litton and published at Protestia.com.

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5 thoughts on “Tim Keller’s Woke PCA Pastor: Racism Affects ‘All We Are and Do’

  1. “Racism affects all that we are and do….”

    I think he just needs to speak for himself and stop generalizing.

    1. A person of color cannot be racist, dummie. He means white people are inherently racist, which we are. Read a book!!

      1. “A person of color cannot be racist, dummie. He means white people are inherently racist, which we are. Read a book!!”

        That’s a profound statement, please back it up with truth, logic, etc ……

        What objective standard and authority supports your assertions and accusations?

        Please list the verses that support your accusations:

        Please list the books you read that teach this:

        How much “color” must one have in order to be exonerated from being a racist? (e.g. 1/2; 1/4; 1/16)

        How much “white” makes a person “inherently racist”—and how can you support this logically, and by what objective standard?

        Who gets to determine that ratio? And how do they get that authority? And is a person a racist if they disagree, or if they have a different percentage in mind? Or are they just a “dummie”…or dummy.

        Please explain how a person can be entirely immune this one sin? Please list all other sins which a person or an entire group can be fully innocent? (e.g. gluttony; coveting; stealing)

  2. Black liberation theology is a tool of the devil, and sadly many black Christians cannot escape it in their churches. Satan seeks to block as many as he can from the kingdom of God and uses all sorts of heresies to do so. Liberation theology is designed to re-direct well meaning people from the narrow road onto the wide one.

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