Bethel ‘Prophet’ Who Falsely Prophesied Trump’s Victory Headlines Prophetic Conference

The charismatic ne’er-do-well prophet who faced public humiliation after publicly apologizing to Joe Biden and his followers for uttering a false prophecy about Trump’s election win, calling it a “major, major mistake” and taking “full responsibility for being wrong.” has announced that he’s leading a major conference on how to become a true prophet of God.

Prior to his public prophetic failing, Kris Vallotton, Co-founder of the School of the Prophets and Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church, was seen being the spokesperson for Bethel Church in California after a surge of COVID cases at the School of Supernatural Ministry forced a county of nearly 200,000 people to go into lockdown. Evidently, they could not supernaturally heal or minister to them.

But with the realization that he utterly and completely got it wrong on Trump’s win, he joined dozens of other previously smug and certain prophets in issuing mea culpas to the media and their money keepers. taking to Instagram to publicly repent of his false prophet, while still insisting he’s not a false prophet. In his video he said:

“There is no excuse for it. I think it doesn’t make me a false prophet but it does actually create a credibility gap. A lot of people trust me, trust my ministry, and I want to say I’m very sorry for everyone who put their trust in me, and there was this major, major mistake.

And I want to say I’m sorry, and I want to look into the reasons why there was a disconnection there in what I heard. And I have always believed that when you make a public declaration, that if you get it wrong you have to make a public apology.

And I want to say that I’ve never had to do that before. I prophecied in 14 years working in the political realm, and I’ve never had to make an apology for a bad prophetic word I’ve given, this is the first time, and I’m going to learn from it. This was a big mistake, and I hope that you’ll forgive me and I hope that we can all learn from it.

A credibility gap is an understatement. In Old Testament times he would have been rightly stoned; rocks raining down on him to shatter his jaw and smash against lips that spoke for the Lord so presumptuously.

Now? A few months and he’s back in the ring; headlining a conference designed to rake in the burgeoning deluded ‘prophets’ and prophetesses while making them a mountain of that sweet mammon.

Put on by Bethel Church, ‘School of the Prophets; Accelerate your Prophetic Calling‘ is designed to equip church members and other curious Christians to shell out $400 for the 5-day event, which will feature cast members from Bether’s School of Supernatural Ministry overseeing the impartation of the prophetic. Vallotton, as the featured speaker, makes some bold claims as to what the takeaways will be.

The conference literature stresses that everyone attending should do the pre-material work, as “The pre-event materials and online community will prepare you to recognize a true prophet from a false prophet and accurately share words of knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy, among other prophetic essentials.” If the testimonials are anything to go by, this place will be happening.

How every person who does the pre-conference prep doesn’t demand a refund when learning what a true prophet is, is beyond us. Fortunately for them, as Dr. Michael Brown and other charismatic enablers have pointed out, there is no correlation between giving false prophecies and being a false prophet, and Valloton wouldn’t have it any other way.

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6 thoughts on “Bethel ‘Prophet’ Who Falsely Prophesied Trump’s Victory Headlines Prophetic Conference

  1. I’ll never, never understand how supposedly intelligent individuals who claim to be Christians can so wantonly disregard/ignore Scripture that plainly spells out the litmus test for those who claim to be prophets.
    Few things anger me more than these narcissistic opportunists who deceive and profit from naive and undiscerning Christ-followers. Surely, there’s a special place reserved for these parasites…

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