Surprise Surprise, Another North Point Church Leader is Gay-Affirming and Wildly Liberal

With the news that Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church has become a cesspool filled with LGBTQ+ affirming pastors, leaders, ministries, guest speakers, and conferences, it’s unsurprising that as more stones are overturned, more deviant theology emerges.

Cameron Smith is the Creative Director of Design at North Point Community Church. NPM Creative is an in-house creative team whose goal is to help their ministries, campuses, and partners “create better.” Their area of focus includes everything from filmmaking, designers, producers, audio designers, editors, and animators and everything else that goes into putting on the Sunday show.

Like many other leaders at the church, Smith has all sorts of troubling beliefs, including being LGBTQ+ affirming and the epitome of a progressive liberal. He’s a big fan of Rob Bell, doesn’t think Roe v. Wade should had been overturned, is against bills that ban sex-changes in minors, said that he grieved deeply when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, and has a penchant for tweeting out Very Bad Things.

Then there are general all-around progressive beliefs that go beyond the mere voting for Democrats, being rabidly against capital punishment, promoting BLM and “it’s not enough to be not-racist, you must be anti-racist,” being against gun ownership- “you might not find a person more against guns than me” etc.

Of course, he is all those things, but his progressive theology bleeds through in these missives.

Editor’s note. The article predictably argues that abolishing legal abortion is wrong, and that while author may be personally pro-life, he shouldn’t impose his values on the rest of the nation.

Last, here is list of Tweets he’s ‘Liked’. It paints a similar picture, particularily with the adoration he sends towards Staci Fernes and her pro-gaying ways.

Smith was certainly not the first gay-affirming leader or pastor to be exposed at North Point Community Church, and he won’t be the last.

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40 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise, Another North Point Church Leader is Gay-Affirming and Wildly Liberal

  1. Galatians 5:9: A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough.

    This church has been obviously infiltrated by The Enemy. Flee, saints.

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