Andy Stanley Denies the Genesis Account, Says God Only Said It To ‘Accommodate to Our Capacity’

With the news that Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church has become a cesspool filled with LGBTQ+ affirming pastors, leaders, ministries, guest speakers, and conferences (See endnotes), it’s unsurprising that as more stones are overturned, more deviant theology emerges.

Of note, in a sermon clip uncovered by The Dissenter, Stanley says God gave the creation narrative account of how he made the world-creating light, dividing water from land, and speaking trees into existence, all in six days- to Moses as a means of ‘accommodating’ ancient people, because they weren’t developed, smart or sophisticated enough to understand the truth of evolution and how he actually created the world.

There’s no necessary conflict between evolution and theism. Because evolution is a means. Theism says there was an agent. I have one high school biology teacher Christian here. It’s like, ‘please, would somebody make this clear? I know this is like really important, because people come home, kids come home from biology class, high school. Like well, ‘you know, but evolution’. ‘No, we don’t believe in evolution, we believe in creation.’ Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hang on.

This is very important. The Genesis account of creation, the point of that isn’t ‘here’s how God did it.’ The point of that, is that God did it. And the reason we know that, is because it stood in stark contrast to the Sumerian and Babylonian and the Canaanite and the Egyptian creation myths. And in all of their myths, the gods just sort of appeared magically out of nowhere or they created themselves or they created each other.

And then, Yahweh says, “hang on, I created it all out of nothing. I didn’t use body parts, okay? I didn’t split (the primordian Goddess Tiamat) in half and their lower half became the earth and the upper half became the heavens. I mean that’s foolishness. There’s one God. I’m God. I did it.’ That’s the point of the Genesis creation account.

He continues:

Now this is important. God, as a heavenly father, does something for you and does something for every generation from the beginning that we should be so grateful for. And if you’re a parent, you do this as well. You know what God does? God accommodates to our capacity.

God accommodates to our capacity. ‘Where do babies come from?’ It depends on who’s asking, doesn’t it? And you didn’t lie to your five-year-old when she asked. And you didn’t lie to your 15 year old when he asked. And when a high school, biology student studies reproductive, you know, science- that teacher isn’t lying. We never lie. We change the answer.

Why? Because we’re lying? No. Because we’re accommodating to a person’s capacity. So come on, what was the capacity of ancient, ancient, ancient, ancient slave culture Hebrew? Was there any way in the world and God could explain to them how he did it? No.

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7 thoughts on “Andy Stanley Denies the Genesis Account, Says God Only Said It To ‘Accommodate to Our Capacity’

  1. By his extremely low-capacity “reasoning” it would follow that creation is still ongoing today. There are several other problems, but that one is enough to make the point. As much as he tries to meld scripture with big-E Evolution, he will fail. He’s still going to find himself having to choose one over the other.

    Considering his pride, that begs the question. If Moses’ accounts have withstood thousands of years of scrutiny, and Andy’s reasoning can’t withstand five minutes of scrutiny, exactly how smart and advanced is Andy?

    I would remind him that Luke 3 lists 76 specific generations from Adam to Jesus. That’s not in Genesis. It’s in the Gospels – the few books of the Bible he has yet to publicly reject.

    1. You’d think after the past few years, the “science” worshipers would show a little humility. Millions dead or permanently disabled from a virus that was manufactured in a lab, and then from a deadly and dangerous so-called “vaccine” that doesn’t even have one measurable benefit, much less function as a proper vaccine. And that doesn’t include the millions, if not billions, of lives upended and destroyed, and the immeasurable mess that it caused. It will take decades to recover.

      Nah, no humility whatsoever, ’cause they’s advanced and stuff. 🙄

      I can’t picture any prophets of old being both prideful and stupid enough to have done what “science” worshipers did just in the past few years.

    2. Of course, that high-school biology teacher of his would likely claim the fact that a virus or bacteria can mutate would prove big-E Evolution.

      Yet, from a logical and mathematical standpoint, the opposite is the case. Mankind has directly observed viruses and bacteria replicate and mutate probably quadrillions of times, if not more, yet they are still the same thing they have always been and always will be – viruses or bacteria. The simplest, most rapidly replicating, most prone to mutation, would logically be the most likely to mutate into something different in the shortest amount of time. Yet for millennia mankind has witnessed no such change.

    3. I know from my own experience, through school and thereafter, it takes far more stretching of mental capacity to stand as a Creationist, than it could ever possibly take to go with the flow. Not saying I’m super intelligent or anything, but you’ve got to be able to think.

      It reminds me of a little debate I had with a classmate one time. He said, well these flies or something changed color or something along those lines, so it is proved. I replied, how do you know the gene to produce that color didn’t exist prior? If that’s the case, then no new information was created, but more of a certain color survived and reproduced due to better camouflage and so on. He had no answer, because he couldn’t know. There is no way on God’s green Earth anyone could possibly know whether or not that information was already present prior to the alleged adaptation. It just could be that God put it there, and that it was there all along.

      If Andy wants to stretch his mental capacity, he should try being a Creationist, stand for it even through years of secular schooling, figure out how to make it through to graduation, then figure out how to make it in the workplace, all without compromising. Find me someone who did that, and I’ll show you someone with good capacity. I’m far less impressed with someone who just fell in line and went with the flow.

  2. The problem for Stanley is that Genesis 1:2-2:25 is in fact a systematic explanation as to HOW God created the heaven and earth. To say otherwise is to categorize it as myth by default.

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