ALMOST ALL Speakers at Andy Stanley’s Upcoming ‘Christian’ Conference are LGBTQ+ Affirming!

Next fall, North Point Community Church is hosting the Unconventional Conference, where Andy Stanley will be a keynote speaker. The conference is being put on by Embracing the Journey, a radical gay-affirming ministry that partners with North Point that offers counseling to parents of struggling LGBTQ+ children.

In recent weeks Protestia has uncovered that not only is Stanley gay-affirming, but rather several ministry heads are as well. We wrote how when parents come to them with concerns and counseling regarding their struggling LGBTQ+ children, North Point recommends an affirming ministry for the parents, and affirming, progressive, all-gay counselors for the children.

Because much of the leadership at North Point is Gay affirming, the speaker list refects this, with almost all of them being pro-homosexuality in one way or another. 

  • Greg and Lynn Mcdonald are both affirming. Their organization recommends all pro-queer resources and endorses books about why the bible celebrates homosexuality, rather than condemns it.
  • Andy Stanley is affirming, according to testimony by three pastors, as well as the ministries he allows to flourish in his church.
  • Debbie Causey is an affirming, pro-gay pastrix at North Point who celebrates affirming ministries and is a board member of the pro-LGBTQ advocacy group Renovus.
  • Justin Lee is the founder of the world’s biggest pro-LGBTQ advocacy group, and regularly promotes homosexuality as an excellent and normative orientation. 
  • Rev. Dr. David P. Gushee is a pro-LGBTQ affirming author who wrote a book about it Changing Our Mind: Definitive 3rd Edition of the Landmark Call for Inclusion of LGBTQ Christians with Response to Critics
  • Dr Michael Sytsma sits on the board of Directors of Pro-LGBTQ organization Embracing the Journey and has appeared with North Point staffer Ryan Gray on the church’s Care Network several times as a teacher
  • Brian Nietzel is a gay man married to his ‘husband’ and is the founder of the pro-LBGTQ advocacy group Renovus, where several members of North Point Church sit on the board.

There are also some speakers who are very suspect, and most are likely affirming, but we were unable to verify completely.

  • David Quinones – a parent of a gay son and a frequent speaker at Embracing the Journey, he builds bridges that foster healing and reconciliation between the church, lgbtq+ individuals, and their families. He recently created a Family Care Group for family members of gay kids. 
  • Al Causey is Debbie’s husband and the Adult Ministries & Ministry Services Director at Gwinnett Church, one of North Point’s satellite churches. We don’t have any record of him being personally affirming, but if not, he’s a wolf and a coward for allowing his wife to have this ministry and not openly rebuking her. 
  • John Ortberg: endorsed the book ‘Embracing the Journey” and was recently let go from Menlo Church after it was revealed he knew his son was a pedophile, but still allowed him to volunteer with the children’s ministry. 
  • Pastor Chris Clark is a leader of a pro-LGBTQ+ Embracing the Journey support group at Saddleback Church, and has a daughter who he refers to as his trans “son”

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28 thoughts on “ALMOST ALL Speakers at Andy Stanley’s Upcoming ‘Christian’ Conference are LGBTQ+ Affirming!

  1. If you dig deeper into the John Ortberg saga, you’ll discover that the cover-up of his son’s pedophilia was exposed and made public by Ortberg’s own daughter — who now identifies as a transgendered male.

    I shudder at the thought of what was going on over the years in that household.

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