Video: Gay-Affirming North Point Church Leader Cheers As She’s Given Lap Dance by Drag Queen

Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church has a problem. Besides Stanley’s frequently strange sermons that see him offering new and novel interpretations of the scriptures designed to minimize the Old Testament and the authority of the text, and the revelation that he does not hold to a biblical sexual ethic but instead is privately gay-affirming, is how many of his staffers and ministry leaders at his church are also pro-LGBTQ.

There are gay-affirming pastors running pro-gay ministries, conferences where all the speakers are gay-affirming, pastors and leaders sitting as board members of pro-LGBTQ advocacy groups, pastors and leaders speaking at pro-LGBTQ conferences, and ministry leaders recommending that children struggling with their gay identities attend counseling at a place where 100% of the psychologists and therapists are LGBTQ. There are even ministry leaders praising the transition of a congregant from a man to a “woman.”

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Enter LeAnn Legans.

Her LinkedIn profile lists her personal pronouns (she/her), and she’s been involved with North Point Community Church as a ministry leader in some capacity for nearly 20 years. 

Operating out of Buckhead Church, one of North Point’s satellite locations, she’s been the Singles Gathering Leader since 2006 and the Grouplink Assimilator & Connector for North Point Ministries since 2007. The church also employs her as the Director of Operations for Canopy, a singles ministry where unmarried adults mingle while volunteering with the city and local nonprofits. She has also worked extensively in the church’s Guest Services.

Legans is very involved with the church and is known by Andy Stanley, bragging about the Zoom meetings she gets to have with him. With Stanley having ‘liked’ her social media posts in the past, she caused him to tear up at a party when she gave him a ‘Buckhead Church Besties’ picture featuring the two of them together.

She’s also administered at least two baptisms in the last year, overseeing the ordinance and doing the dunking.

Like several North Point pastors and leaders we’ve covered, she’s also really, really, really LGBTQ-affirming and drag-affirming.

Legans is very vocal and honest about her unbiblical views in her social media posts and outward-facing profile. She’s not hiding these perspectives in any way. She’s not concealing her true thoughts for fear that she might be held accountable by her bosses, but rather is publicly declaring them in the presence of her friends, family, church, and congregants. 

In June 2021, she posted a celebration of Pride Month to her Instagram, donning her rainbow-hued ‘Ally” shirt. This post was liked by several North Point staffers and attendees. Not content to have it shared in only one corner of the world, she shared more pictures on Facebook, covering all her bases so that anyone who follows her would know exactly where she stands.

Then, several days ago, she shouted out her ‘bestie’ Cody Bradley, who moonlights as a drag queen ‘Alabama TP.’

It’s not the first time Legans offered her drag-buddy some public support. Two months ago, Alabama TP performed at a drag show where Legans was in attendance. Bradley offered a “Special shout-out to this queen, @lealeag_ 💖” because Legans’ “helped me learn how to command attention and encouraged me to be myself on a stage.”

And what a show it was.

The event itself was filthy, consisting of two hours of 18+ overt sexual innuendo, statements, jokes about oral and anal sex, hundreds of f-bombs, and a rotating cast of drag queen performers more garish and grotesque than the last.

When it came time for Alabama TP to perform, the crowd urged him to ‘bring more energy,’ so he grabbed a laughing and jovial Legans and brought her up on stage.

Here, North Point’s 20-year ministry leader received a lap dance from the drag queen, laughing and cheering with delight as she was gyrated upon while dollar bills flew from the cackling crowd.

Legans participated in several more events during the show, looking like she was having the time of her life the entire time.

It should be no surprise that Legans is gay-affirming, especially to any of her church colleagues. She’s been a mainstay at the church for nearly two decades and it’s safe to assume that at least one of her peers saw her flagrantly unbiblical content on social media over the last few years. They’ve had conversations about some of her beliefs, and they know who her best friend is and how she felt about him, that they know what she thought about all of this. But nothing came of it.

In a biblical church where Christ is honored, any pastor or leader discovered to be promoting LGBTQ acceptance in direct contravention to the scriptures would be removed from their leadership position.

In Stanley’s church, it’s just business as usual.

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  1. None of them are Christians. Their Father is Satan. They are all blasphemers. They understand NOTHING about the Lord Jesus Christ.

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