Report: North Point Church Personnel Knew ‘Lap Dance Leader’ Was Gay-Affirming+ Andy Stanley Responds

Yesterday we brought you the story of LeAnn Legans. Legans spent the last 17 years as a Ministry Leader with Andy Stanleys’ North Point Community Church while at the same time proudly and flagrantly sharing videos and images of herself affirming LGBTQ ideologies, wearing a rainbowed “Ally” shirt, and singing the praises of the annual Pride parade.

She’s not the first North Point leader to flaunt their gay-affirming creds, however. Other pro-LGBTQ leaders at the church include Parent Connect Director Amy Blakeslee, Care Director Pastor Debbie Causey, Production Team Leader Gregory Cook, Creative Director of Design Cameron Smith, Parent Care leader Sandi Harman-Waldrop, and Parent Connect leaders Greg and Lynn MacDonald.

While several of the North Point church leaders listed above have engaged in some scurrilous behavior, such as founding an openly pro-LGBTQ activist and advocacy group ‘Renovus’ which is designed to promote full LGBTQ inclusion and acceptance into the church, Legans went one step further when she headed out to a drag show on her birthday. Here, she handed out dollar bills to the performers, witnessed the sheer debauchery and deviancy of it all, and then received a lap dance from a drag queen, a very active and willing participant in the whole affair.

In our report, we insisted that some of her congregants and colleagues HAD to have seen her sodomy-praising posts on Instagram and Facebook. We posited that they must have known she was openly gay-affirming, as she wasn’t even hiding it, because it was simply accepted.

We were right.

Here is one of the posts she made with the following caption back in 2021:

“June is Gay Pride Month, and some of the best people I have ever known just also happen to be LGBTQ+. It doesn’t define them, but just like all the things that make you and me unique, it’s part of their stories. If you don’t think you know anyone that’s LGBTQ+, I would like to encourage you to not only open up your circle of friends this month and find some people that are different than you but open up your hearts and your minds. Ask about them and ask their stories. Be an ally. Be the change. #GayPride #LoveOneAnother #GayAllys #JesusCallsUsToLove #BeTheChange #PrideMonth #LoveWins #LGBTQ”

Legans received over a hundred “likes” and “heart” emojis from friends, regular North Point parishioners, and then some from former and current church employees. 

  • Jamie Cargill. Spent over a decade with North Point church as their Singles Creative Director.
  • Brandon Coker. A long-time member of North Point’s praise and worship band.
  • Michael Kanner. North Point Church’s Singles Gatherings Director.
  • Meg Adamson. North Point Church’s Journey Director for nearly a decade, where she ‘pastors’ leaders and does vision casting for their ministry partners. 
  • Julie Tiedmann. Spent a decade as a worship leader at Buckhead church, where her husband was also a pastor. Now, she works at ThinkOrange under the leadership of Reggie Joiner, the man who founded North Point Community Church with Andy Stanley.

Legans also posted this image on Facebook with the caption:

“Life is never dull when one of your besties is a drag queen. I love you @alabamatp/ @codybradley (his drag name) And I always will.”

We were only able to capture a small selection of those who reacted fondly to the image before she took her page private, but these include:

  • Katie Peters. The Adult Groups Director + Volunteer Assimilation Coordinator at East Cobb Church, one of North Point’s primary campuses.
  • Sarah Bauer Anderson. Her husband is Rodney Anderson, Director of Singles for Buckhead Church and North Point Ministries, and she is a former North Point staffer. She attends North Point and is the author of the book The Space Between Us. Previously interviewed on stage and promoted by Andy Stanley, a brief perusal of her social media would strongly suggest that she is gay and trans-affirming.

Sadly, this is not the first time North Point church leaders demonstrated how stunningly compromised they are when it comes to sexuality and biblical gender roles.

In late 2021, a young man from the Woodstock City Church came out as a “transgendered woman” on Instagram, explaining that his pronouns were now she/her. As he introduced himself to the world, he asked those who knew him to be open-minded and curious while also delighting in how excited he was to make the change.

This status update was liked by several leaders within North Point, including:

  • Mitchell McGhee, a former staff worship leader ordained by WCC who still performs there occasionally.
  • Jennifer McGhee, the Director of Transit.
  • Ericah Stokes, the Executive Assistant to lead pastor Samer Massad.
  • Meg Davidson, the Community Relations Director.
  • Andy Kaefer, who spent seven years on Staff at North Point and WCC as Production Director.
  • Scott Kitchen, the SPD in charge of service programming for youth events.
  • Trey McKnight, who spent 15 years working for North Point as a worship leader/ communicator and then later WCC as the InsideOut Director.
  • Andy Jones, the Middle School Director.
  • Briteny Kaefer, the Programing & Events Producer at Buckhead Church, another North Point church.

North Point Community Church is broken, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes widespread and well known.

In responds to the news that Legans was getting a lap dance at the drag show, one commenter wrote “This is NOT church, this is out of the pit of hell,’ causing Pastor Andy Stanley to pithily and dismissively rejoin “You are correct. Definitely not church.”

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47 thoughts on “Report: North Point Church Personnel Knew ‘Lap Dance Leader’ Was Gay-Affirming+ Andy Stanley Responds

        1. Well, see now you’re still bearing false witness. I don’t really care about being called a fake tough guy, and being called a virgin who has honored God’s standards and created order his entire life is tremendous compliment.

          But when it comes to being called a heretic, you’re going to have to post scripture to back up that accusation. Understand, I can’t just take your word for it. You’re not God. You can’t make it up as you go. If you can’t show me the scripture, then how or why would I know the accusation is true?

          If you have love for others, you’ll post that scripture and show me how I’m allegedly a heretic, headed for Hell, so I can repent, correct my errors.

          Do you have enough love to post the scripture showing me how I’m wrong?

        2. I’m almost certain now, that you are M, or someone who knows her. The conflicting irony is too similar not to be.

          You try to belittle someone for not being sexually immoral, while calling them a heretic in the same breath.

          Show the love you claim to have. Post the scriptures to correct me. Show me how and why I’m allegedly a heretic. If you have love for others, you will do it.

        3. Bit of trivia, you know the 144,000 will be virgins. What an honor it would be to be chosen by God as one of them. Of course, I’m not of Jewish descent, so I couldn’t be.

          I don’t know what you think you’re going to accomplish by trolling a Christian website trying to belittle people for being virgins, as if we’re supposed to be ashamed of honoring the Lord.

          It’s a great compliment.

          1. You know, I chose the name tekton because that was Jesus’ occupation. It doesn’t necessarily mean carpenter, but it refers to a laborer, craftsman, etc. Nowadays I also am a tekton.

            You know what else Jesus was and is?

            A virgin.

            While you’re at it, you can print and frame His words to you and put them on your wall. Maybe that way, you’ll actually bother to read them. Just be sure to put it well above my posts, because I am infinitely lesser.

          2. And of course, as it pertains to the other thread, that has a lot to do with why I’ve never had the compulsion to murder babies in the womb. I had enough control over my own body to keep my pants on outside of marriage.

            And most women these days being like you, M, has a lot to do with why I never married. I never found one, and after a while I gave up, and focused on work, education, job, sports. Days turned into years. Years to decades. I never found her.

            So there you go. That’s how it happened. Now I’m old.

            But if a weakling “fake tough guy” like me can do it, so can you. Keep your pants on, and quit murdering babies.

          3. One thing I’m not, M, is a hypocrite.

            If I tell you to keep your pants on and to honor God’s standards, you can be assured I live by the very same standards myself.

            Murdering babies is not the solution.

    1. You should consider that scripture you posted, name thief. Allow me to phrase the same principle to you in a different way, as it pertains to the first of Jesus’ commandments …

      You hate God because you do not know God.

      Think about that.

  1. Tekton, atheists/alphabet people such as the infamous “Johnny” has been trolling and assuming others’ identities on this site for some time. I suggest you contact the editor and link to this page and request this individual’s IP be blocked.

    1. Thank you my friend. It doesn’t bother me much aside from the time it takes, which I don’t have to spare, to keep checking comment sections, to find out what I supposedly posted lol. Otherwise, I welcome the opportunity to respond to the youngsters and bear witness.

      She got what she wanted, now maybe she’ll leave. God only knows why it was such a big deal to her that she would spend all that time and energy trolling. Weird.

        1. Take your victory lap M. You’ve successfully outed me as a true born again Christian. Fantastic job here. 🙄

          “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4:19)

          I’m not like you M. I don’t think like you. I’m a new creature. Old things are passed away, all things are become new (2 Cor. 5:17). I’ve lived decades without it, and I’m just fine. I have a very full and blessed life.

          Your first mistake is believing everyone else in the world is like you.

          You’d like that to be the case, because you believe it would justify and validate your wickedness, such that you could say you’re no different than anyone else. But it’s not the case.

          The only reason you call it a need is to try to justify your immorality. And you then follow up that lame and false excuse, with a wicked attempt to justify the cold-blooded murder of babies.

        2. Just leave, M.

          You’re wasting your time, my time, and everybody else’s time, and you’re going to accomplish absolutely nothing.

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          Just leave here.

        4. About the only needs on my mind right now are repairs I need to do to my tractor this afternoon.

          I’m nothing like you, child. Not even close.

        5. If you want to understand me, you’re going to have to set aside the irrational Freudian and Darwinian buffoonery, and read a Bible.

        6. Your manipulative mess does leave a scar, to be sure. I wanted to marry and have children. And it does hurt to be reminded that it will never happen – can’t given my age.

          So I guess you could congratulate yourself for striking a blow here. You have caused some pain. You’ve hurt me a bit. So I guess you could congratulate yourself.

          But you’re still about like a lap dog nipping at the heels of a pit bull. I’m used to pain. But I carry my cross with honor. You can’t do much to hurt me. I’ve dealt with people like you my entire life.

        7. God had other plans. Right. And I’m at perfect peace knowing so. It has been for the best. All things have worked together for good.

          You can’t touch that. No matter what you say or do, you’ll never make the slightest dent.

        8. Even if everyone else on this planet were like you and thought like you, it still would not justify or validate your wickedness.

          You’re going to face Jesus Christ on judgement day. And “everybody else did it” will not be a valid excuse.

          You might want to think about that. Get your mind out of the gutter, and think about what’s coming.

          You are appointed once to die, and after that the judgment (Heb. 9:27). It will happen. At some point you’re going to die. We all will. And we all will be judged thereafter.

        9. God has zero obligation to allow anyone into His eternal kingdom. He will honor and keep His word.

          If that day comes and there are none found worthy, then there will be none allowed in. Zero.

          It’s not a competition.

          The good news is that Jesus paid the debt for you, such that you can be washed clean, changed into a new creature, and found worthy on that day. All you have to do is repent and submit to Him.

        10. And I say that to make the point. There is no fixed number. Heaven is not like a fallout shelter with a limited number of beds, right. It’s not a competition. We’re not vying for spots. God is God. If He needs more room He can make it 🙂 There may be many. There may be few. Nobody knows the percentage.

          The Bible says there will be many, of every tribe, tongue, and nation.

          But on that day we will all be judged according to His word. You can be assured of that. He’s not going to go back on His word. He’s not going to compromise. He’s not going to do any wheeling and dealing. He already knows every single fact of the case. He’s not going to change the rules at the last minute. That won’t happen.

        11. Do you understand M ?

          I’m irrelevant. Even if I were as wicked as you wanted me to be, it would still not constitute any measure of validation for you. It wouldn’t make you any less a sinner. It wouldn’t make you any less in need of Jesus. God’s word would still stand unmoved and unchanged.


        12. Had your suspicions been true, the only thing you would’ve accomplished here is to out an anonymous fake Christian in a comment section. Which, these days is not exactly a tremendous feat. Fake Christians are a dime a dozen.

          Five seconds later you would’ve still been left with the unfulfilled emptiness inside, realizing what a meaningless “victory” it was. A nothingburger which accomplished nothing whatsoever.

          God’s word wouldn’t have changed one iota.

          You need Jesus, young lady. He can wipe your sins clean. Make you new. Give you true validation. Not the worthless approval of the world, but the approval of God. That’s what you need.

          I’ll leave it there. I’ve said all that needs to be said.

  2. Again, I am not, nor have I ever been, the Executive Assistant to lead pastor Samer Massad. Please correct your false statement ASAP!

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