Gay-Affirming North Point Church Leader Responds to Protestia ‘I’ve Never Been More Proud’

A few months ago, as we began flagging all the gay-affirming pastors and leaders at Andy Stanley’s North Point Church, (see endnotes) we introduced you to Cameron Smith, the Creative Director of Design at North Point Community Church. NPM Creative is an in-house creative team whose goal is to help their ministries, campuses, and partners “create better.” 

We explained that, like many other leaders at the church, Smith has all sorts of troubling beliefs, including being LGBTQ+ affirming and the epitome of a progressive liberal. He’s a big fan of Rob Bell, doesn’t think Roe v. Wade should had been overturned, is against bills that ban sex-changes in minors, said that he grieved deeply when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, and has a penchant for tweeting out Very Bad Things.

He recently discovered that post.

Smith has been busy revealing more of himself over the last few months, with a few notable tweets and retweets being:

Noted apologist Chris Rosebrough, having read the article and seeing the response, sought to correct and rebuke Smith, who was seemingly too glib to care.

Sadly, Smith is not the first LGBTQ-affirming North Point Community Church leader to bristle at being called to the carpet, and he won’t be the last.

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3 thoughts on “Gay-Affirming North Point Church Leader Responds to Protestia ‘I’ve Never Been More Proud’

  1. These foolish, dim individuals are warring with no less than The Great I Am. Woe to those who fall into disfavor with an angry God.

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