North Point Church Staffers Found ‘Liking’ Pride Parade Celebration

With the news that Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church has become a cesspool filled with LGBTQ+ affirming pastors, leaders, ministries, guest speakers, and conferences, it’s unsurprising that as more stones are overturned, more deviant theology emerges.

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One new stone comes in the form of a post by Courtney Fitzgerald wishing everyone “Happy Pride, ya’ll.” The family spent the month of June in Brooklyn, and going to the Pride parade weekend was the “one thing” her young son wanted to do.

Who is Fitzgerald? She’s a self-described she/her who also happened to be the assistant to the Lead Pastor at Decatur City Church, one of North Point Church’s main campuses, before leaving six months ago to join The Legacy Collective. The Legacy Collective is Jen Hatmater’s pro-LGBTQ organization that explicitly supports ‘gender-affirming care’ to trans and non-binary children, Ages 3-10 and gives grants to companies that facilitate it.

Because she worked for North Point for 15 years, she has many friends on staff who ‘liked’ her post about Pride weekened, seemingly agreeing with her sentiments in celebrating such a debauched and perverse event. Some of these staffers include:

Pastor Jenny Boyett. She has spent over 17 years at North Point Community Church, most recently as the Associate Director of Adult Ministries and then the Director of Author Support and Leader Training. She’ll be a speaker at North Point’s upcoming all-gay-affirming family conference.

Beth Chadwick. The Children’s Ministry Director for nearly four years.

Tish Dyer. A Coach in North Point’s preschool ministry for over 27 years.

Ericah Stokes. She’s the former Executive Assistant to lead pastor Samer Massad and the current Digital Services Coordinator at North Point Digital. She’s one of the same people who celebrated after a young man from North Point Church came out as a “transgendered woman” (along with about nine other North Point church staffers)

Rebecca Ducksworth. At the time the post was written, she was employed by North Point as the Director of Guest experiences.

Jared Roman He as been working for North Point in some capacity for nearly two decades, recently as a Production Director. Though he didn’t like this specific post, he did like another, which showed a video montage of their time at the Pride parade and was captioned “Pride weekend in the city was (Son’s name) one thing and I think we made the most of it!”

There are also the usual list of people who used to work for North Point and have recently left, including:

Ryan Fitzgerald. He spent a dozen years at North Point as the Service Programming Director.

Joe Wigglestone. He spent nearly a decade with North Point as a Post-Production Director.

Will Kelley-Entrekin. Spent a decade at North Point in various roles, recently as the Student Director.

Mallory Burkhalter worked in various roles across the North Point church family since 2018.

Nicole Frazier. She worked at the Associate Service Programming Director before leaving a few months ago

Candi Pearson. Long-time worship leader for over a decade. 

Then there are even more peripheral people who liked the Pride post, such as Meredith Roman, whose husband is the aforementioned Jared Roman. She doesn’t work for North Point directly, but there are a whole bunch more people who attend the church who feel just as she does.

Sadly, we’d expect nothing less of Andy Stanley’s church.

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46 thoughts on “North Point Church Staffers Found ‘Liking’ Pride Parade Celebration

  1. How can individuals who feel called to The Great Commission be proponents for abominable sin? It doesn’t wash – you’re either a disciple or you’re not. These people are not biblically qualified to teach or lead.

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  3. I just visited the Decatur City Church website. There is absolutely no mention of the gospel or the name of Jesus anywhere on the main page. The only indication of it being a “church” is that the word “church” is in the name. It just looks like a big social group, nothing more.

  4. Damn I only made the article in photo form! My husband and I worked at North Point for years and helped found Decatur City Church. You can find me on the Christmas album Let There Be Light. Just wanted to make sure we were recognized for this being our best friends and us loving the post and also having all our friends in this list! ❤️

  5. Hi, I’m Ryan. Nice to meet you. Well, you’re a nameless internet troll so it’s complicated. Would kindly request that you take down the photos of my underage children. Thank you.

    1. You took your underage children to a celebration of sexual immorality, and published pictures of them celebrating sexual immorality. You publicly exposed them to every immoral perverted degenerate on the planet, showing them celebrating that perverted degeneracy. What’s worse, you clearly have no concern for their eternal fate. Yet now you pretend to care about them. That’s quite a bit late to be pretending to be a good father. You’re a disgrace.

      “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” – Rev. 21:8

      “Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. ‘I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify to you about these things for the churches. I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.'” – Rev. 22:15-16

      “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.” – Prov. 17:15

      “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” – Mark 9:42

      Judgment day is coming …

  6. I appreciate that you blurred my children’s faces in the first photo and didn’t include their names. My son’s face is clearly visible in the photos where you took the time to go through all the people who liked my photo. Please blur his face or remove the photos immediately. Many thanks.

    1. I am not affiliated with Protestia. But your acknowledgement of your wickedness is noted. Not quite so proud now, eh? You had no problem publishing their pictures yourself, but now you use that as an excuse to try to shift blame. If you care about your children you will repent and turn from your sin, let them see you do it, and tell them you will no longer celebrate or support porniea in your house.

      ” And he said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles him. For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and they defile a person.” – Jesus (Mark 7:20-23)

      “No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God’s seed abides in him; and he cannot keep on sinning, because he has been born of God.” – 1 John 3:9

      “For certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.” – Jude 4

      The wickedness here came out of your heart. You can try to shoot the messenger, or appeal to godless secular law, all you want, but the Biblical reality is that you are the one who wronged your children, committed wrongs against the Lord, committed wrongs against the body of Christ, and you are the one who needs to repent and turn from your sin.

      Protestia didn’t do this to your children. You did.

    2. Andy Stanley did …

      What sort of “Christians” would raise a young boy who’s one thing he wants to do most of all is to celebrate abominable sin? By your account, the “one thing” he wants to do more than anything else is to celebrate perverted degenerate abominable sin. And you encourage him in that. You brag about it, as if it is something to be proud of.

      Did you let half-naked men in wigs and a dresses shove their genitals in his face? Did you worry about the most wicked, most abominable of the perverted degenerates seeing his face?

      No, instead you’re apparently worried that grandmas and grandpas reading Protestia might see his face? Nobody’s buying that.

  7. Hey SMH👋🏻! Just wanted to clear something up. My request to have my son’s face blurred or removed is not me acknowledging my wickedness or feeling shame from my post. There’s no wickedness here, no shame, no messenger shooting, etc. I didn’t give permission for my underage son’s face to be posted on, or associated with this website. Protestia holds beliefs that are extremely different from my own and incredibly damaging and hurtful to a community that I dearly love.

    No shame here, just want my kid’s face removed.

    So, once again, Protestia, please blur or remove the picture that clearly shows my son’s face immediately. Thanks so much!

    1. You are essentially trying to argue that God’s word is damaging and hurtful. That God’s standards are damaging and hurtful. Yet you call yourself a Christian?

      “By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and obey his commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.” – 1 John 5:2-3

      If you don’t understand and recognize that God’s way is not “damaging and hurtful”, then you are not a Christian, plain and simple. Either you’re knowingly rebellious, or you don’t even know what it means to be a Christian in the first place – which, again, falls directly on the shoulders of Andy Stanley for having led you astray.

    2. Said another way, what John is saying in that scripture is that you cannot possibly honor the second of Jesus’ commandments, to love thy neighbor, if you do not honor the first, to love the Lord thy God. And if you love the Lord you will obey His commandments (John 14:15)

      Love “it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.” (1 Cor. 13:6)

      There is nothing more “damaging and hurtful” than eternity in Hell. And Jesus, in the last chapter of His word, plainly tells you that will be the fate of the sexually immoral. If you don’t care about their eternal fate, then you don’t care about them at all.

      You’ve been shown the scriptures here. Now you are without excuse.

    3. It doesn’t say “by this we know that we love the world”

      It says, “by this we know that we love the children of God”

        1. Yes, I know you love the godless world and hate Bible-believing, born again Christians, especially those who quote the scriptures you don’t like. That was exactly the point. Your bad fruit is plainly evident.

          I have shared with you here the words of Jesus Christ, who is the one and only worthy representative. Reject His word at your own peril. Know this, that He absolutely will keep His word. He does not lie.

          1. Amber, your abominable justification of wickedness is more than enough evidence. What in the world else would one need to know? Let’s review the scriptures here …

            In Mark 7:20-23 (and other scriptures) Jesus condemns sexual immorality (porneia), and says that it comes from a wicked heart. It is wickedness. Jesus said this.

            In Rev. 22:15-16, Jesus says that those who unrepentantly continue in such sin (the pornos) will not inherit the kingdom of God.

            Those are Jesus’ words.

            That’s all red text.

            You and North Pointe, on the other hand, say it is not wickedness, that those who continue in that sin do not have a wicked heart, and in the case of many you claim that the sexually immoral are Christians headed for Heaven.

            You are so certain that you are right and that Jesus is wrong, that you affirm, endorse, support, and even celebrate that wickedness to the point of taking underage children to celebrations of porneia.

            What you and your buddies at North Pointe believe, Amber, is 100% opposed to scripture, and 100% opposed to what Jesus taught.

            That’s plenty more than enough to know about you.

            I don’t consider believing and following Jesus, and His word, to be an ailment. I don’t consider believing God’s word to be a sickness. I don’t consider rebuking those who are leading people astray, dragging His name through the mud, and leading the charge backing truly born-again, Bible-beliving Christians into corners, extorting us, indoctrinating our children in schools, etc. to be a disease. It is exactly what God’s word tells me to do. The fact that you consider these things to be a sign of illness, is just more evidence of bad fruit from a bad tree.

            The irony is that your response verified, yet again, everything that I said about you. You believe the wicked are healthy – that wickedness is healthy. You believe those who believe and honor God’s word are sick.

            You justify the wicked and condemn the righteous.

          2. 1 Cor. 5, 2 Tim. 3:5, and other scriptures tell us to have nothing to do with them. We are not to associate with them at all.

            But you, Andy Stanley, and your wicked-hearted ilk are leading the charge against those of us who honor that scripture, and most certainly do not want our children exposed to it. Christians are being fired, sued out of business, extorted, in some cases jailed, facing all sorts of trouble, simply for honoring God’s word. All because of the likes of you.

            Your message to the world is “Christians are fine with porneia!” in direct violation of scripture.

            And you think, Amber, that the reason I post is because I’m sick?

            No, I’m defending the faith, defending God’s word, and defending His true church, which is currently under all-out attack! I’m defending brothers and sisters in Christ who are trying to figure out how to feed their family without being forced to justify wickedness, support, endorse, and even celebrate abominable sin, are being extorted at every turn, with even their children basically being held hostage, in direct opposition to God’s word – including the words of JESUS HIMSELF!

            You and your “church” are among those responsible for such oppression of believers.

            You don’t know enough about the scriptures to come close to understanding why I say what I say and do what I do. And the reason you don’t is because your apostate, wicked-hearted “pastor” has knowingly lied to you. He knows what the scripture says. But he has intentionally taught contrary.

    1. Better? No, it is sad that a professing Christian, such as yourself, does not even care about what Jesus said, much less the rest of His word. I am saddened by the persecution true believers are facing, and the worse that is coming, because of fakes and frauds like you and your “pastor”.

      No Bible-believing, born again Christian feels good about the apostasy that’s happening, and the large numbers who are being led to eternal damnation.

      If your goal at North Pointe is to make true born again, Bible-believing Christians – people who actually do follow Jesus and care about what He said – feel good, you couldn’t be failing any more miserably than you are failing now. You are disgusting.

      1. Anything else you need to get off your chest? Also there’s no “e” at the end of North Point.

        1. Judging by your continued avoidance of the reality of both scripture and current events, writing off the Lord’s leading me to speak as just a matter of getting something off my chest as if it’s about me, and given what I know of Stanley’s teaching, I’d say the more accurate spelling would be C U L T

          I don’t know what you are exactly, but you’re not Christians. That much is certain.

        2. The more I think about the teaching, behavior and tactics of Stanley and members of your “church”, (including your behavior here), the more I realize how accurate that prior comment was. That’s exactly what North Point is. It is a a cult.

          1. And the more I read the hate, fear, bitterness, and judgement coming from you, I am reminded of how very far this western version of Christianity I have escaped from has strayed from the actual teachings of Jesus. I’ll finish with this and won’t respond anymore so feel free to say and do whatever you need to do to feel safe. I really mean that in the most gracious, honest way. It’s hard being human, it truly is. In my responses, I believe I got caught up in your hate and disregarded your humanity as you did mine. You are not a monolith representative for everything I see as toxic Christianity, just as I am not a monolith representative for everything you hate. You’re a real person with traumas and fears and hopes and dreams and hurts and hobbies just as I am. I’m not certain exactly what I believe any more, but I do believe fully that God is love. I truly hope you experience that freedom and peace and joy and empathy and kindness and grace that I believe springs from the very heart of it all.

          2. Amber, go back and read the scriptures I posted.

            I don’t know how in the sam hill you can claim I have strayed from the teachings of Jesus when you are the one here who is clearly ignoring what He plainly said. 🙄

            Just read those scriptures. And keep reading them over again as many times as it takes for them to sink in.

          3. God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were (past tense) yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

            God’s grace and love are not a license to keep on sinning. His grace and love do not magically make sin good. He died for you so that you could be redeemed from sin, so that you could be forgiven, could turn from that sin, and could become a new creature.

            Is His dying for you not enough?

            JESUS called it wickedness (Mark 7).
            JESUS says the sexually immoral will not inherit the Kingdom of God – they’ll be outside with the dogs (Rev 21,22)

            Pay attention, Amber.

            That is the teaching of Jesus. Read it. And keep reading it until your cultish false image of Him dissipates.

          4. If you read that scripture, and then decide that you reject the real and true Jesus, as opposed to your false image of Him, then that is your “option” (as you say). You can go to pagan websites and post till your heart’s content.

            But as long as you claim His name, and drag Him and His children through the mud, spreading your false teaching and false image of Him, you will be rightfully rebuked. Mark my words. It is guaranteed. God will lead people to rebuke you, as His word instructs us to do. If not me, then someone else.

            Ironically, by willfully ignoring His teaching and the real Jesus as evidenced in scripture, you are basically calling Him hateful, fearful, and bitter. How exactly does that jive with your image of Him? You might want to give that some thought. Read the scripture. Learn about the real Jesus.

  8. I guess I will comment one last time to let you know that I do not consider myself a Christian any longer. I actually don’t attend North Point or any church at this point. I didn’t grow up in North Point so while you keep pointing to Andy, Andy wasn’t a teacher to me for at least 30 years of my life. I’ve read and studied your scriptures extensively. I know you believe you’re doing the right thing by rebuking me, but we are not in relationship and we are not operating under the same belief system. I’m not a false teacher, I’m simply not a teacher at all. Nor am I a member of any organization you deem a cult. Also, things you don’t agree with doesn’t scientifically or culturally mean that they are a cult. There are actual guidelines for what defines a cult. This is just a group of people you think suck. Again, I hope you find peace in your belief system. All the best.

    1. Well Amber, I’m glad we’ve cleared up which one of us has a hangup with porneia, and, by all indications, why you have rejected Jesus. And I appreciate you finally being honest here and admitting that you are not a Christian. Though you still claimed His name, and therefore are still worthy of rebuke for that reason. You clearly don’t know Him. So don’t drag Him into matters as if you do.

      For the record, I consider sexual immorality to be bad just like all sin is bad. As far as I’m concerned it isn’t unloving to tell a thief to quit stealing, or to tell a murderer to quit murdering, or to tell a liar to quit lying. It isn’t unloving to tell a sinner to quit sinning.

      I do not treat it inconsistently. Whether you are a believer or not, it is your brainwashing that causes you to react with the irrational assumption that Christians who object just have an unhealthy hangup with the sin in question. Yet the reality is the opposite. I treat it consistently and condemn it just like any other sin. The difference nowadays, of course, is that Christians are being extorted, backed into corners, and every attempt is being made to force us to justify and support that wickedness. Abortion is another example of such, where taxpayer dollars are concerned. But if attempts were being made to force us to endorse theft, lying, or any other sin, my (our) objections would be just the same.

      Jesus did not die in order to deceive Himself by making sinners appear not to be so. He did not die so that His grace and love could be perverted into a license for immorality. He died so that sinners could be washed clean from sin, separated from sin, such that they are no longer sinners. He died not to make us appear righteous. He died to actually make us righteous. Sin is bad. To repent means to turn away from it. It is to be condemned. All of it. It is never to be justified.

      So it has nothing to do with whether or not I believe a certain group “sucks”. That’s your brainwashing talking. I don’t have any hangups. You do.

    2. If you genuinely want peace for and with Christians, you should quit trying to extort and force us to say and do things that we cannot say and do. Quit trying to impose your own beliefs on us. You might believe that murdering a child in the womb is a good thing. You might believe sexual immorality is a good thing. Whatever you believe, quit trying to force it on us, and on our children. And quit trying to project your own beliefs onto us, and then judge us according to those beliefs. It’s not a “group we think sucks”. It’s sin. It is wickedness. And we cannot justify wickedness. In certain cases, God’s word instructs us not to associate with those who continue in certain sins. It’s that simple. Get that through to your brainwashed mind. If you say you want peace, then start acting like it. You may not believe there is a Heaven or Hell, or that there is an almighty God. But we do believe that. You may not believe the Bible, but we do believe it. So quit accusing us of hate, bitterness, and such, according to your own beliefs, when we know the greatest love is consideration for eternal matters, and that our eternal fate is why Jesus died for us.

      You say you want peace, then put some walk behind that talk.

  9. Sad, not that Amber has rejected God, that her decision. But that she is going to influence her own child into hell with her!?
    Can you imagine how that would be, spending an eternity in hell and knowing somewhere in there is your own child, because you’re a rebel that isn’t going to listen to truth!!!
    Truly sad.

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