North Point Church Is Sending Children to All-LGBTQ Therapists: We Profile One of The Counselors

For years, North Point Community Church, led by Andy Stanley, has been partnering with and promoting affirming LGBTQ+ organizations when desperate parents come to see them for help with their struggling gay children, all done through the Parent Connect Ministry.

Parent Connect is (was formerly?) led by Amy Blakeslee, an openly affirming queer woman, and is overseen by Debbie Causey, a gay-affirming, long-tenured pastor at North Point Community Church and the director of their Care network of ministries. Causey is also a board member at Renovus, a pro-LGBTQ+ activist and advocacy group led by many leaders within North Point church. 

During a conversation about her book by gay-affirming North Point leaders Greg and Lynn MacDonald, Causey gets asked about recommendations for “safe” counselors, which is a coded word they use to describe affirming counselors. She recommends an organization called ‘The Christian Closet,’ which she represents as a “great group” that serves children and youth struggling with their identity, and McDonald agrees. (She also recommended struggling parents attend a Queer Parent Summit)

The Christian Closet is a collective of all-LGBTQ+ Christian counselors that offer virtual mental help on topics like depression, coming out, transitioning, starting your first queer relationship, deconstructing, dealing with trauma, and everything in between. It’s an “online therapeutic resource for people who are trying to work out what it means to have an LGBTQI sexual identity, or gender identity within a Christian context.”

This is not to say that some counselors are gay or that a majority are gay, but rather that all of them are gay, with their website reading ” all of our clinicians identify somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum and have done the work of reconciling their faith with that.

One of those gay counselors is Matt Nightingale. He is the pro-choice lead co-pastor of The Quest Church and he recently married a man after being married to and divorcing his wife of 23 years. He is a “spiritual director” and “support group facilitator” and has been with the Christian Closet since 2019, where he is “passionate about the intersection of sexuality and spirituality” and creating a “safe, sacred space for people exploring these identities.”

Nightingale is also the director of the Common Sanctuary and recently joined Brian Nietzel’s on his “Making Things Right” project. Nietzel is a gay man ‘married’ to a ‘husband’ that is scheduled to speak at Andy Stanley’s upcoming ‘Embracing the Journey,’ bringing everything full circle.

Nightingale seems to like and appreciate Andy Stanley, or at least his book, and Stanley, in turn, has returned the favor with a recent tweet.

Recently, he had a very strong reaction to a song about LGBTQ folks being saved and then changed by the power of Christ to no longer walk in those identities, raging:

Imagine being a desperate parent from North Point Community Church with a struggling gay teen or even an older child who is confused about their attractions. You build up the courage to talk to a Care ministry worker and get recommended by trusted church pastors to get counseling at a ‘Christian’ group, only to have your loved one end up in Nightingale’s hands?

Andy Stanley’s church, when faced with a family who is in crisis because they think their child might be gay or non-binary, and is looking for some sound, biblical counseling and resources, directs the parents to pro-LBGTQ+ organization Embracing the Journey, and the kids to pagan pro-LBGTQ+ counselors at The Christian Closet.

There is no hope for children struggling with their sexuality if they’re going to these places to get this sort of help. The adults have stacked the deck against them. All the paths to freedom and deliverance have been taken away.

Lord, have mercy.

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30 thoughts on “North Point Church Is Sending Children to All-LGBTQ Therapists: We Profile One of The Counselors

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  1. I don’t expect anything less from the alphabet Nazis that want to council (pervert) these children. But the parents that put their own children in front of them are the most wretched, vile people on this planet. No doubt these are the same kind of parents that would pick up their own child to shield themselves from bullets in a gun battle.

    1. It’s clear that Andy Stanley and his church group are clearly not in tune with biblical standards and virtues. People should leave the church if they truly want to be identified with Christ.

      1. That is unbiblical advice. Just because there are bad churches doesn’t mean you leave them. I means you do your best to find a good one. Satan has always had counterfeit churches, he just has a whole lot more here in America.

        1. You should flee with haste any church which teaches any Gospel other than Christ or which stands for conformity with the world or is involved in any apostasy. Run as if you are fleeing a collapsing building on fire, the well being of your soul depends on it.

    2. I’m a grandfather taking a stand against this insanity – standing alone, amidst other “Christian” family members…

  2. How long will God tolerate this sinful, worldly insanity?
    The churches were the last bastion of goodness in this wicked nation and now many of them have turned from God to entertain their own perverted idea of holiness.

    1. As the end of this age approaches perilous times will come. Apostasy will abound and many will turn from the faith to follow it.

  3. Excellent article. Well researched, well written and thoughtfully presented. Thank you for your work and drawing our attention to the degeneracy of the oxymoronic “progressive Christians.” Those poor children….

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