Jen Hatmaker Org. Supports ‘Gender Affirming Care’ to Trans and Non-Binary Children, Ages 3-10

Progressive mommy-blogger Jen Hatmaker is giving tens of thousands of dollars to pro-LGBTQ+ organizations, and her most recent grant winner, with their focus on grooming and encouraging babies to become transgender or non-binary, is perhaps the most grotesque of all.

We recently brought you the story Jen Hatmaker Org. Supports ‘Gender Affirming Care’ for Children+ Gives Money to Groomers, which detailed the efforts of her company’s grant recipient, Texas Action Health, to help boys and girls transiton into the opposite sex by providing access to health care information, counseling, chemicals, and gender bending insurance.

Hatmaker is the co-founder and Chief Outreach Officer of the Legacy Collective, a community of socially-minded people who “work to solve systemic issues by partnering with aligned nonprofits, elevating innovative, sustainable solutions, and amplifying the power of giving, collectively.” So far, they’ve given over $6,000,000 through 165 grants since 2015. 

The grants are clustered around key categories; women’s empowerment, racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and mental health, known as ‘giving circles.’  So far Legacy Collective has given $150,000 to several LGBTQ+ organizations, including Kind Clinic, Gender Spectrum, Resource Center, Covenant House Washington, Keshet, The Trevor Project, the Tyler Clementi Foundation, and GLSEN.

While Hatmaker and her collective routinely share LGBTQ+ propaganda, lately they’ve been more focused on the ‘T’ part of that acronym. In particular, they are highly concerned about efforts to stop trans youth from transitioning, insisting that minors be given the right to take puberty blockers, cut off healthy breast tissue, and invert penises into grotesque approximations of vaginas.

This is why, as Hatmaker explains, every month is Pride month at the Legacy Collective.

Because every month is Pride month with Hatmaker at the helm, one of the organizations they gave a grant to TransFamily Support Services, (TFSS) who had to beat out several competitors to receive the funds. Legacy Collective is adamant that every company they donate to has been questioned and investigated, promising that “with integrity and in complete transparency, we thoroughly vet all nonprofits prior to granting funds.”

So who are they? Legacy Collective explains:

TFSS offers a wide array of services to help trans youth transition. This includes setting up meetings with medical professionals and liaising with insurance companies to receive coverage for these services.

Not only physically, but also socially. They offer a link to trans gear like the Joey, a belt where biological girls can attach prosthetic silicon penises so it looks like they’re “packing.”

If teens cannot afford their wares, they also offer a program where kids can get free gender-transitoning swag.

They have a FAQ section where they offer advice to parents of ‘transgendered and non-binary children’, which is to be unquestioningly affirming.

Notably, TFSS doesn’t just support confused transgendered teens, but also those much younger. They have monthly and bi-monthly programs for ‘trans littles’– pre-pubescent transgendered and non-binary children.

Lest you’re wondering how old exactly these trans and non-binary littles are, they’re between the ages of 3 and 10!

Jen Hatmaker is quite clear about who she and her company give grants to. They’re not being given out willy-nilly, but rather go through a rigorous nomination and confirmation process, part of being being “thoroughly vetted.”

Jen Hatmaker directly supports child abuse and the maiming of minors. What other conclusions can be drawn?

Editor’s Note. The last time we caught up with Jen Hatmaker she announced she was leading a new pro-LGBTQ curriculum, which is not the worst thing she’s ever done. She also became a woke racial justice warrior and lamented the death of notorious pro-abort Ruth Bader Ginsberg, giving her the benediction, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” She recently wondered if God is a woman, opening herself to the ‘Feminine Divine,’ said that Jesus’ maleness makes it impossible for homosexuals and BIPOC folk to feel safe and relate to him, and has since come out in support of abortion and “women’s rights.’

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  3. This individual needs to stop masquerading as a Christian. Her tireless promotion of anti-Biblical sin confirms she is anything but.

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