Jen Hatmaker Says Calling God ‘Male’ Makes it Hard for LGBTQ and Black folk To Feel Safe Around Him

Jen Hatmaker, the popular I’m-pretending-to-be-a-Christian-but-I’m-actually-a-pagan mommy-blogger and podcaster that is quickly climbing the ranks from “Gadfly False Teacher” to “Arch-Heretic,” has continued to out herself as a vessel of inhabitation for shifty-eyed swine who’d rather not go off a cliff, this time by suggesting using God’s that Jesus’ maleness makes it impossible for homosexuals’ and BIPOC folk to feel safe and relate to him.

Last time we caught up with her, she was celebrating homosexuality and being pro-transgender. She also became a woke racial justice warrior by saying, “the center of the church has failed to be black, gay, and transgender” and coming out as fully pro-Choice. Now, she explains:

“It’s interesting though, viewing Jesus as a white man, and God as Father, or, you know, a man period, emerging from the clouds with this stern disposition, and of this sort of ruling with an iron fist and this powerful, almost punitive approach to humanity generally serves one group of people and one gender, this idea which makes it so painful and difficult for black, and brown, and female, and LGBTQ+ communities to see themselves in this personification.

Not just see themselves, but feel safe with this God. Right? To feel cherished. To feel protected. To feel included. So it is the work of a lifetime, honestly, to upended those images and ideas that we’ve been shown at least for me my whole life.”

It gets worse and worse.

h/t The Dissenter.

9 thoughts on “Jen Hatmaker Says Calling God ‘Male’ Makes it Hard for LGBTQ and Black folk To Feel Safe Around Him

  1. When will the black community wake up? Here it is: these people believe the black community is too stupid to do ANYTHING. That is why they wanted to extinguish you via abortion and the planting of a large majority of Planned Parenthood in low income black communities. That is why they created the “Great Society” so you become so dependent on Big Brother for everything so you stay in poverty, crime infested neighborhoods, destroyed the marriage of a man and woman and the family so the cycle continues for generations, and so you continue to vote your democrap masters again and again.

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    2. It’s better then voting for the treason Republicans. If you vote Republican, you’re a traitor so fuck off.

      1. And thanks for another example of TDS that so many of you have. Just a very nasty and demonic lot. That face you see in the morning in the mirror must be brutal.

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  2. Well, DUH! They’re uncomfortable with the idea of God revealing Himself as a male? Does anyone want to dispute the fact that Jesus was circumcised on the 8th day?
    God just ends up being an interference into their sinful lives and they LOVE their sin. Until the alphabet people acknowledge their sin and repent, God is only a cosmic kill-joy. They want nothing to do with HIM. In the end He will accomodate their wishes with eternal separation from HIM in the lake of hell-fire.
    Unlike Jen ‘Sin-affirmer’, we need to continue warning these people about the impending judgement to come and the way to escape it.

  3. Every sinner, regardless of their ‘sin of choice’ ought to feel extremely unsafe at the very thought of what God has in store for them if they don’t repent, and it isn’t ‘a wonderful plan for your life’. It’s His wrath, wherein all who refuse to believe the truth, and remain unrepentant in their depravity, will burn forever in hell.

    If the church sees its mission as to make sinners feel safe and comfortable to remain in their sin, then that is a false church, and it too will be judged.

    Think on that before demanding tolerance inside the Church, which belongs to God, not the world.

    God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. That is why He has graciously made a way to escape His wrath, through belief in the person and redemptive work of Christ, by faith – also a gift from God – and repentance from sin and dead works.

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