Jen Hatmaker: ‘The Center of the Church has Failed to be Black, Gay, and Transgendered’

Popular mommy-blogger, podcaster, and pseudo-Christian pagan Jen Hatmaker continues to wield her platform to promote theologically perverse teachers saying theologically perverse things, this time with guest Alicia Crosby on her September 8th ‘For the Love’ podcast.

Alicia Crosby is a justice educator and equity consultant, whose job it is to “help individuals, communities, and institutions explore and unpack topics related to identity, inclusivity, journey, and intersectional equity.” She co-founded the Center for Inclusivity, an organization that “fosters important conversations across faiths, sexual orientations, and gender identities to create shared community.”

She is queer and pansexual. She refuses to go to white doctors, supports looting and cities burning of cities during BLM protests, loves the WAP song, wants the police defunded, and expressed how upset she was because she had to have a white, cis-gendered history professor. She doesn’t come across as a particularly nice person, although Hatmaker heavily promotes her, heaps praises on her, and tell her audience that they should “follow her and sit under her leadership.”

Hatmaker describes the content of the podcast:

“We are going to look at the church’s role in the wholeness of Black lives. Without mincing words, this has been a place of profound failure for the American white church, because the center of the American church remains white, straight, and cis-gendered. All kinds of people groups who fall outside of those lines have not been valued, much less centered. And this has had tragic consequences…”

If it is a profound failure for the center of the church to be white, straight, and cis-gendered, what can only be meant is that the center of the church must also be black, gay, and transgendered, at least in some way. That is the radical revision she envisions. 

Hatmaker, of course, is openly supportive of all things same-sex, having an out and proud child that she has denied the gospel to, hiding it from her daughter in an abhorrent act of parenting and supposed Christian witness.

Apart from mere description, the podcast says few things of note. In one segment, Crosby describes how she was “ecumenically promiscuous” and eventually gave up on attending institutional churches and congregational settings, saying they weren’t for her, as she couldn’t function in a church with power differentials and church service where she couldn’t just turn around and start have a conversation to the person next to her in the middle of a sermon. Rather, she says she lives on the outsides of the margins, away from churches traditional church settings, and that she’s happy there.

Hatmaker “ooh’s and ‘aaah’s” through the entire discourse, murmuring “Wow. That’s right. Yeah. Hmmm. That’s good. So powerful.” to a story of a clearly false convert forsaking congregationally gathering for a church service. She comments afterward:

Like that gave me butterflies in my stomach. I’m thinking of how many people heard you walk through that, and say that in plain terms and probably felt a million pounds roll of their shoulders. The sense of duty and obligation and should…shoulding…around institutional church attendance and involvement is so high…and so just the powerful theological framework that the people of God have been in and out of buildings since the beginning is so liberating like what beautiful and wonderful thing to say.

In another segment, Hatmaker says ‘that’s good’ and ‘that’s right’ to Crosby describing “the white church” as “not a curious place” and that “it relies on absolutes – being an imperialist space – because it seeks to control what is and isn’t permissible, which is what white Christianity has done.”  One of the examples of the church not being a curious space is the use of horoscopes and the practice of astrology, with Crosby chiding the white church and white Christians for suppressing their use, upset that they call it “demonic.”

Eventually, Hatmaker elaborates on her own faith journey and paints for us a picture of how she went from a Lifeway best-selling author to a wild-eyed Christ-hater (our words). Sadly, she still believes her and the God of the Bible are tight and that she has a personal relationship with Him. She’s mistaken of course, unless she’s referring to the fact that the relationship she has with God is that He personally regards her as his enemy and the object of his wrath. But Hatmaker explains:

Once I stepped into a place of spiritual curiosity I rotated so many new teachers into my life, completely different voices, totally different faith experiences, absolutely different perspectives, whole new systems of faith and theology and doctrine and interpretation…[Once that happened] I experienced absolute spiritual flourishing.

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Today, you guys. Whew. Today we’re taking an unflinching look at something that might make a lot of us feel uncomfortable. We are going to look at the church’s role in the wholeness of Black lives. Without mincing words, this has been a place of profound failure for the American white church, because the center of the American church remains white, straight, and cisgendered. All kinds of people groups who fall outside of those lines have not been valued, much less centered. And this has had tragic consequences. But…. what is learned can be unlearned. We can hand back some of the narratives we were given from the time that we were little, and there are so many good teachers that we can learn from right now.⁠ .⁠ Alicia Crosby (@aliciatcrosby) is a justice educator, equity consultant, and prolific writer and, today, she’s here to share her own history in the church as a Black queer woman, and how, after her “burn it all down” phase, she’s learned to embrace the beauty of who she is and how she chooses to express her faith in God’s love for her.⁠ .⁠ Let me tell you that at the end of this conversation, I told Alicia that I was sweating, like an armpit sweat, and I had to push my chair back and stand up because I had so much energy in my body. This one is packed today, absolutely packed with wisdom and clarity and candor. I am still—my head still feels like it’s zinging.⁠ .⁠ 🎧Listen (link in profile):

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14 thoughts on “Jen Hatmaker: ‘The Center of the Church has Failed to be Black, Gay, and Transgendered’

  1. Alicia Crosby?
    Someone needs to lovingly present this sexually confused/mentally ill/perverted (pick one or more) woman with a Bible.
    Across the face.
    With love.

  2. Hatfaker, like so many so-called “Christian bloggers, podcasters, and leading personalities,” is a willing victim of Satan’s delusion called “modernism.” The modernist is not a born again believer, has not been baptized into Christ, is not filled with and led by the Holy Spirit, has no sound doctrine based on Sola Scriptura, but is simply a counterfeit and their fruit proves it. The modernist is one who calls good evil, and evil good. A self-righteous pagan who takes the cross of Christ, His Word, and Spirit and tramples them underfoot, while promoting “the way to heaven” in His Name. They radiate a “form of godliness,” (even though that is obviously an illusion) but deny the power. They are a dime a dozen these days, and are on the broad road that leads to a “greater destruction” than unbelievers will receive. Don’t be a modernist. Either be a genuine Christian, or be a pagan.

  3. When you guys call her “pagan” you are right on the mark. The Pagan religions all teach sexual promiscuity. She has gone in the way of Balaam as Jude warned. Balaam counseled Balak the king of Midian to try to seduce the Israelites to commit sexual sin that was linked to the worship of Baal.

  4. They obviously have not read the Bible, been convicted of their sin, nor repented. The sad thing is all the sheep that are being led astray. Satan is hard at work.

  5. Without the intervention of God Himself the sinner will choose rebellion. The sow returns to the mire and the dog to his own vomit.

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