Pure Flix Founder David AR White Announces Divorce from Wife

David A.R. White and Andrea Logan announced on Saturday that the couple was divorcing, after revealing that marriage ended years ago, but that it was only being formalized now.

White, known as the founder of the Christian movie studio Pure Flix that has released such fare as God’s not Dead, The Case for Christ and Unplanned, as well being an actor in many of the films he produces, informed the world on Instagram that the decision to rend the marriage asunder came after “a great deal of prayer and counseling over many years.”

Logan released her own statement, writing:

“We made the most difficult decision to end our marriage years ago — a decision that came after a great deal of prayer and counseling over many years. Divorce is an unbearable grief and is being reminded of the death of a family dream every single day.

We have waited quite a while to share this news with the public, as we wanted to give our family the time and space to heal and process all that unfolded during such a difficult time.

We would appreciate your encouragement and prayer and would request privacy in this matter. Our priority is to continue to seek the Lord’s guidance for our family, as we lovingly co-parent our three amazing children. We value your prayers for our family and grateful for your understanding.

While the future is unknown, I have faith in God , and we stand on this:
Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a future and hope.”

The couple has three young kids together.

Ironically, one of his most recent projects is the producer of Redeeming Love, the big-screen adaptation of the bestselling Francine Rivers novel due out next year.

Redeeming love is a fictional portrayal of the story between a farmer, Michael Hosea, who marries a prostitute. Though she repeatedly cheats on him and runs out on him, back to a life of whoring and selling herself with the result of unimaginable anguish and pain, Michael continually takes her back, woos her, and loves her. He refuses to divorce her, and they ultimately remain together and build a joyful marriage despite years of pain and infidelity.

The story is a metaphor for the Book of Hosea, with Hosea marrying the prostitute Gomer to represent the Lord and unfaithful Isreal, and yet the Lod continually calling her back.

5 thoughts on “Pure Flix Founder David AR White Announces Divorce from Wife

  1. Should we keep calling them Christians? They say they are seeking the Lord’s will, but the Lord’s will is do not separate what God has joined together.

    1. Should we continue to call you a Christian? Jesus said, “judge not lest you also be judged” and “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

    2. I believe we continue to pray for ALL Christians and not cast judgement on any human. God is a faithful God and His will is all we need to seek. I am sure God did not say take biblical scriptures out of context to fit your personal judgment upon another. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Matthew 7:2 (quoted IN context with its true meaning. Both David White and his wife in the past have brought wonderful uplifting and biblical truth for all to see and explore so we can explore our own lives. I pray God uses this for the good of all.

  2. We all have to give an account of what and why we do what we do. GOD judges righteously and looks at our hearts. Sorry that divorce is their choice and that it’s just one more thing that satan can use to discredit the Church. This is one reason I don’t call myself CHRISTIAN. I’m called to be a saint, according to the word of GOD. I am a child of GOD through JESUS CHRIST. Christianity has just a negative representation these days and things like this just adds coals to the fire. I pray that both David & Andrea can be truly led by the Holy Spirit Who is the BEST Conselor. I pray they can forgive & love again. WARNING: GOD told Israel, when they get into the promised land, NOT to do what the heathen in the land did. They didn’t listen and the results were tragic. Divorce is a tragedy especially when your life is high profile and fame & fortune are your goal. I pray for David, Andrea, their families & all the people that shared CHRIST with.

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