Need a New Arm? Charismatic Prophetess Reveals How to Access the ‘Body Parts Room’ In Heaven

When our favorite pink-haired charismatic “prophetess” Kat Kerr isn’t commanding 100 million angels to guard the RNC or making a fool of herself trying to control the weather, she’s recounting all the mysteries she’s learned during her thousands of trips to heaven. Such a celebrated celestial tourist has naturally made other charismatics inquisitive about what the afterlife is like, what Jesus, God and the angels are up to, and what sort of mystical revelations she’s been given to bring back to the mere mortals on earth.

It was on this occasion that chief-enabler Steve Shultz, who oversees a litany of crazy-as-a-rat-in-a-coffee-can malcontent prophets at the Elijah List, (whom incidentally, not a one predicted the overturning of Roe v. Wade) asked Kat on Episode 68 of Wednesdays with Kat and Steve if it were true that there is a ‘body parts room’ in heaven where God gets the legs and arms that he heals with from. She confirms there are, and that she’s ‘literally’ seen angels deliver them.

Shultz: I’ve heard Kat say several times that there are body parts in heaven. My question is, how do we pray for these body parts to be given to our loved ones in ourselves that need them? If there’s a right arm, is that right arm For Steve one day that’s gonna need it, or is that right arm for anyone that’s going to need a right arm? How does that work?

I think that whatever body parts are you are lacking or that aren’t working properly. I have seen- I didn’t know that arms were designated with certain people. However, I was in a service where an angel came down with a gift box and walked through a man who was due for heart surgery. He walked in that man’s body and left a new heart in that man’s body. That was a service we had at at New Life Christian Fellowship, where they had like three hours of worship.

And after the three hours of worship, there was this big crack and the staircase literally came down from heaven into the sanctuary, and angels begin to run down with all these boxes. Because at the point, I heard this loud crack, nobody else heard the crack but me. They always have you sit on the front row with a sketch pad so I could sketch anything I was seeing in the spirit realm. That’s a really awesome journal and sketch pad I have.

That is a wild story so far. We would give anything to see that journal. Anything.

Then our pastor said, shout out what you need from Jesus right now. Right now we’ve seeded the heavenlies with our worship, with the declarations right now, yell out what you want. And this man yells out, ‘I want a new heart’.

And the angels begin running down with all these gift boxes. So your body part comes in a gift box people. (Shultz: Woooow) Right through you with it, and it’s put right in the place it needs to be. It will be just the size you need to match the rest of your body. I know that part. I know that happens.”

…And I just know 100 And some years into the future… there’ll be a point in that time when they empty the body parts warehouse because nobody will need body parts after this time of glory on the earth.

We don’t doubt that she was the only person who heard the sound and saw the staircase. She says that after the incident, a doctor who was about to do surgery on the man took x-rays and was amazed that his heart was healed and healthy. She concludes:

Let’s just say my sister, you know, her arm is damaged or is not working right, I stand in the gap for her…that her arm will be restored or you’ll give her a brand new one. However you desire to do that….that’s a declaration…and what happens is.. that requisition you just gave will go to the body parts warehouse, it will be sent to the back. They’ll take that arm, put it in a gift box. And I know you’re thinking, you’re picturing human arms just flopping around. It’s a spiritual arm at that point, it’s in the spirit, but you can see it and they will deliver it, walk through your sister’s body, and then she would have it immediately. And I’ve heard of testimonies way back in the days, right when people before people got new feet, they got new legs.

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