Charismatic Prophetess Says We Get to Speed Through Heaven in ‘Star Cruisers’ + Heavenly Bus Stops

When our favorite pink-haired charismatic “prophetess” Kat Kerr isn’t revealing how to access the ‘body parts room’ in heaven or recounting how heaven smells like pumpkin pie and where cows drive around on tractors, she’s recounting all the mysteries she’s learned during her thousands of trips to heaven. Such a celebrated celestial tourist has naturally made other charismatics inquisitive about what the afterlife is like, what Jesus, God and the angels are up to, and what sort of mystical revelations she’s been given to bring back to the mere mortals on earth.

It was on this occasion that chief-enabler Steve Shultz 85 who oversees a litany of crazy-as-a-rat-in-a-coffee-can malcontent prophets at the Elijah List, asked Kat on Episode 85 to talk about all the portals she has in her house which give her such frequent access to heaven:

Yeah, there’s probably, well, not counting the encounter room itself which has a huge portal, almost the whole ceiling and encounter room now is a massive portal. That’s where the army came in for the first time, the army of heaven. And the Father would come in that one a lot. Then my room…there is a major portal that a lot of activity happens, either coming and going from there, or me going to there.

But there’s one in the front area, like right over the studio here that is really powerful. That sometimes it’ll open I’ll see heaven watching from the one that’s over us right now. And they’re watching right now from heaven.

Shultz gasps in amazement as Kat explains that all the portals in her house are used for different purposes, and yours will be too in heaven:

Even in your mansion, you have portals that you go through, and you’re instantly in a different place in heaven. And so you would pick the one to go under the crystal sea, and there is one and everybody’s mansion if you want to go under the crystal sea and swim in the water, breathing the water.

…Then there’s one that takes you directly to the throne room. There’s one that takes you.. almost like, I don’t want to say an elevator but it’s a transportation to whatever place you call out, you step in front of it and say it and it takes you there instantly. You step into that portal yourself in heaven.

Shultz concludes by asking her how people will get around in heaven, if there are transports and vehicles too, and she affirms that we get Star Cruisers in heaven.

“Oh, yeah. Lots of activity, the transports, all types of transports in heaven. You get your own… I call a star, you know, Star Cruiser. You get your own it, runs on light and it’s right there by your mansion. So some people really like still to just get in something and take yourself there. Some people just love that. Some people want to step through the portals…You get to choose in heaven…. There’s beams of light that travel around in heavens. They are there specifically beams of light made to transport. And...there’s different places you go, almost like a bus stop. Almost like a bus stop is the only thing I can equate it to. But it’s not on the ground. It goes to the air.

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