Episcopal Church Denomination Introduces Resolution Condemning ‘Pregnancy Crisis Centers’

he Episcopal Church, the 1,500,000-member progressive denomination found predominantly in America, has been a foul cauldron teeming with blasphemy and iniquity for a long time. Declining steadily over the last few decades, this denomination is thoroughly depraved and ceased long being Christian decades ago, with perhaps only a fraction of a percent of real believers left.

Abortion and LGBTQ acceptance have long since been lauded and celebrated. If you throw a stone into a group of Episcopalian priests, a third will be gay, another third will have they/them pronouns, and the rest will be a miracle-denying atheist who’d just as soon defecate on the bible than deliver it as God’s word.

It is for this reason that, With a Median Congregational Age of 69, The Episcopal Church is Literally Dying, and we could not be more thrilled or excited about it.

What we’re not thrilled about was what transpired at their 2022 General Assembly on July 8-11. The denomination reaffirmed, in light of the overruling of Roe V Wade, their support of abortion till birth, passing D083, which reaches in part:

Resolved, that the Episcopal Church recognizes that access to abortion is a key element in preserving the health, independence, and autonomy of those who can bear children; and be it further;

Resolved, that the 80th General Convention affirms that all Episcopalians should be able to access abortion services and birth control with no restriction on movement, autonomy, type, or timing; and be it further;

But what was especially shocking was D076, where the denomination sought to pass a resolution that “denounces” the work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers and apologizes for the Church’s previous support of them.

Though the House of Deputies cleared the resolution, it missed a crucial deadline, and the House of Bishops (which is comprised of all active or retired bishops in the denomination) had to vote on the pregnancy center resolution on the last day of the convention, ultimately rejecting it by a vote of 42-70.

For now.

The fact that it was even put up for voting is insane, and that it got that many votes from 42 Bishops means that it’ll likely be introduced the year after, and the next, until it gains a majority of support and becomes part of the church’s official teachings.

h/t Juicy Ecumenism.

7 thoughts on “Episcopal Church Denomination Introduces Resolution Condemning ‘Pregnancy Crisis Centers’

  1. Just a further example of how the EC is nothing by heretics now. Their numbers are declining and show they will be extinct within the next 15-20 years. Unfortunately, the fat cats at the top will be sitting on a goldmine of money in the pension fund and tons of real estate. They invited the devil right through the front door and he has left them with nothing but evil rot.

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    1. I agree. The last church I was at actually had an “ecumenical” Thanksgiving service inviting people of “all faiths” to participate which included new age, occultists, wiccans and the like. I normally would have played any service, but thankfully my gut said “stay away” and that was before I saw the program. They allowed those demons to walk into the church, down the center aisle and bring their “offerings” and place them on the altar table. I would have had to walk out if I had been there.

      What is sad is the number of people who sit on their hands and allow these things to happen. I’ve watched it again and again. Too comfortable in those pews no matter what is preached or what evil is allowed to come walking down that center aisle right in front of their faces.

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