Andy Stanley Repeatedly Tells Congregants ‘I’m Not Arguing That the Bible is Correct’

With the news that Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church has become a cesspool filled with LGBTQ+ affirming pastors, leaders, ministries, guest speakers, and conferences, it’s unsurprising that as more stones are overturned, more deviant theology emerges. (See the end of the article)

Stanley, who has a long history of preaching weird and wonky theology, repeatedly took care to point out during a recent sermon (Part 3 of Heaven” Who is in) that as he’s preaching and telling you what Jesus and the bible says, he’s not arguing that what they say is true or that they are correct. He frequently makes this disclaimer throughout the sermon for reasons known only to him.

And then the one that many of us heard growing up,” All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. The point is, I’m not arguing at this point that what the Bible says is true. What I’m arguing is that if you think somewhere in the Bible, there’s a standard by which you live, you’ll go to heaven, you are sadly mistaken. And my hunch is you haven’t actually read the Bible.

The Bible does not provide us with a standard of conduct that guarantees heaven. In fact, it’s just the opposite. And again, I’m not arguing that the Bible is correct, that’s just what the Bible says. There’s no magic list.

…According to Jesus, this is so amazing. And again, please hear me at this point in the series. I’m not arguing that what Jesus said is true. I’m just telling you what Jesus said, for just a moment. Okay? According to Jesus, regardless of how serious you take Jesus, but if you think somehow Jesus is in the mix of good people go to heaven…..

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For other non-LGBTQ Controversies, he made waves for encouraging Christians to essentially throw out the Old Testament, arguing that believers should “unhitch” themselves from portions of Old Testament Scripture. He went on the warpath against doctrine in general, claiming that “unity is more important than theology.”

Stanley argued that Jesus’ birth and the events surrounding the nativity doesn’t really matter, thus casting doubt upon his supernatural birth by saying “If somebody can predict their own death and then their own resurrection, I’m not all that concerned about how they got into the world” and “Christianity doesn’t hinge on the truth or even the stories around the Birth of Jesus.”’

Stanely has been on a roll since the pandemic hit, telling members that the “Foundation of our Faith is not the Whole Bible,” that the Lord does not require them to meet for church, that George Floyd was “This Generation’s Samson,” and to “Sleep late and skip church” during Father’s Day.

Stanley continues to be in our spotlight due to his theologically bankrupt behavior. Recently, he claimed, “Here’s an uncomfortable fact: white people fear black men” and went on a woke Critical Race Theory tirade by arguing “it’s not enough to be ‘not racist,’ you must be ‘anti-racist,” before telling them that they’re all racists in their hearts. This was a few months after he lamented the fact that churches were fighting the government to stay open and have their church services, saying he was embarrassed by it. 

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6 thoughts on “Andy Stanley Repeatedly Tells Congregants ‘I’m Not Arguing That the Bible is Correct’

  1. Stanley absolutely cannot believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God as he discounts entire sections of it he doesn’t like. The devout body of Christ needs to shun this charlatan.

  2. I like Andy Stanley even less than the next guy, but a rhetorical device used to establish one point without yet dealing with another is not an outright denial of the point not being argued. There are so many other real controversies with which to condemn Andy Stanley, you don’t have to reach for for silly stuff like this just because it’s a slow news day.

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