Kyle J. Howard is ‘Triggered’ by SC Ruling Because White People ‘Sacrificed Black People’s Joy and Flourising’ To Attain it

We never thought we’d write about our favorite race-baiter Kyle J. Howard so soon after our last article, where he asserted that Calling Someone ‘Woke, ‘Marxist, SJW’ is The Same as Calling them a ‘N***** . This is after he revealed that A Desire for Free Speech is ‘Racist’ and about ‘Preserving White Power’,

You’ll recall Howard currently has a $3500 *informational* bounty on his head on account of lying about being a gang-member for intersectional points and internet clout, and has really devolved over these last few months. We’ve written about him at the following links, as well as others, which give a good sense of all the ways he’s perverting scripture and molesting the text. In doing so, we’ve chronicled his slow slide into racial absurdity and witnessed the epitome of what it means to have one’s thinking to be futile and a foolish heart to be darkened.

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Now, Howard continues to be in rare form, saying that while he is against abortion, he is ‘deeply triggered’ by the decision and the joy that white people are experiencing, because their vote for Trump was instrumental in seeing it happen. He says that white evangelicals “sacrificed black and people of color” and that their joy is little more than a declaration that overturning Roe v Wade was worth ‘sacrificing’ black folks’ safety and flourishing.’

6 thoughts on “Kyle J. Howard is ‘Triggered’ by SC Ruling Because White People ‘Sacrificed Black People’s Joy and Flourising’ To Attain it

  1. And yet another faux-lifer. Abortions kills blacks at a rate more than 3 times that of whites, yet Howard and the other “pro-life” “Christian” Leftists are having a sads today.

  2. The moron might want to take a look at history (until they erase it) and look who worked actively with Margaret Sanger to put abortion clinics in primarily black low income neighborhoods. One was the founder of the NAACP.

  3. While blacks scream genocide because a majority of abortion clinics are located in predominantly black communities, the abortion clinics are simply using common business practices to locate their clinics near their largest client base. Why can’t blacks take responsibility for their culture’s rampant immorality and the depravity that leads to abortion? What a pathetic, narcissistic worldview to claim a white genocide conspiracy rather than take personal responsibility and accountability.

    1. Totally agree, Ian. If they would stop following their con-artist “leaders,” and think for themselves maybe their neighborhoods, families, etc would improve. I also theorize that it is those same “leaders” who are telling them to keep wearing the diapers on their faces. It is truly sad to go up to my local gas station and see so many still hiding in terror behind them.

  4. Kyle, you’re a grown, able-bodied man. Your family’s security and welfare are your responsibility.

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