Prosperity Preacher Steven Furtick Preaches in $1095 Boots

Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina has once again taken to do some preaching crowd work in an outfit that costs more than most people’s rent, this time wearing a pair of St. Laurent’s Wyatt Harness Boots, which cost just shy of $1100. [Editor’s note: By comparison, my mortgage is $1047/month PIT, so ouch.]

It’s not the first time the fashionista Furtick has adorned himself in higher fashion. Preachersvssneakers– a shrine to the love of filthy lucre with such exhibits as Ed Young Jr. wearing a $955 Gucci belt, T.D. Jakes wearing $4,000 Nike shoes, and Judah Smith wearing a $3,600 jacket, has amassed a collection of other Steven sightings, including:

  • 4-Bar Solid RWB Stripe Shirt $450
  • Farfetch Offwhite Diagonal Arrows Sweatshirt $500
  • Kingsnake Print GG Supreme Baseball hat $390
  • Offwhite distressed bleach denim Jacket $750
  • Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard Shoes $965$
  • Saint Laurent men’s brown Boots $1,145
  • Jordan 6 Retro Shoes $300
  • Air Presto Off White White Shoes $637
  • Nike Air Fear of God 1 Triple Black Shoes $610
  • Nike Dunk Low Off-White Pine Green Shoes $510
  • Nike Air Fear Of God 1 Oatmeal Shoes $390$
  • Saint Laurent mens SL10H lace up leather high Top Sneakers $575

At least Furtick is consistent. He openly preaches a prosperity gospel, unashamed, and likes to show off the fruit of his labors.

That’s got to count for something, right?

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