Steven Furtick Goes on a Wild, Wild, Willllldd Rant about Betas and Blessings

Presented without comment, other than to say that the music in the background isn’t added by anyone; that’s the musicians adding that in by design. Also we hate everything about this clip. From his January 21, 2021 sermon.

h/t Christian Nightmares

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13 thoughts on “Steven Furtick Goes on a Wild, Wild, Willllldd Rant about Betas and Blessings

  1. God help those who are earnestly looking to this showboating narcissist for spiritual guidance…

  2. I still don’t understand why people go to the “church” he “pastors”.

    He literally comes across as a mental patient.

  3. He (Furtick) shouted “I am the alpha and the omega”.

    That phrase should only be uttered by the Lord Jesus Christ – see Revelation 22. Isn’t that enough to know what this guy is? A blatant false teacher of the worst kind. He doesn’t even try to hide the fact, and his flock keep coming back week after week. Shame on him and shame on them.

    1. In all seriousness, if your level of comprehension doesn’t allow you to grasp what he was saying, then you have a problem. He was quoting God, not saying the he, Furtick, is that. What exactly is wrong theologixally with what he says in that rant (ignoring his style please)?

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