Beth Moore Claims the SBC is Racist and Doesn’t Want Black People in ‘Powerful Positions’

Beth Moore, the beloved heroine of Lifeway and the villain of biblical discerners everywhere, took to Twitter to take a few potshots at the Southern Baptist Convention, nibbling on the hand that feeds it by claiming that they do not want people of color in powerful positions within the denomination.

Beth Moore says that the SBC should just “have the guts” to say they don’t want women charismatic practices, women in leadership, or black folk in positions of power.

We’re unsure how much longer the SBC will tolerate Beth Moore, but so long as she’s bringing in truckloads of cash for the struggling Lifeway and has the ear of the #BigEva elites like Russell Moore, we don’t see her going anytime soon.

If you want to know more about Auntie Beth’s wily ways and why she’s such a dangerous teacher, click on this link to Seth Dunn’s Book So Long, Beth Moore: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us.

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18 thoughts on “Beth Moore Claims the SBC is Racist and Doesn’t Want Black People in ‘Powerful Positions’

  1. We aren’t going to change LifeWay or the SBC as long as they have money. Same problem with dead churches; as long as they can pay the bills to keep the heat and A/C turned on, they’ll keep right on meeting. Don’t give those people the time of day.

    It’s time for people who know what needs to be done to walk away and spend our remaining time on earth doing what God called us to do. Start over. Paul wrote letters and spent time training a few good men.

  2. Why don’t you just join some other church? What kind of arrogance causes someone to think an entire institution should change if she doesn’t approve? I’m sure the Pentecostals would be glad to have you. They have prophets, spiritual gifts, and female preachers. Might be a good fit.

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