Video: Bethel Church Literally Sings Worship Songs to Themselves

In a shameless move of self-adoration and idolatrous self-aggrandization that would make our brethren that hold to the ‘regulative principle of worship’ instantly take off their shoes and chuck them at the stage, a Bethel church pastor was seen leading his congregation in self-worship and self-adulation, in possibly one of the most self-centered things we’ve ever seen.

In the video, Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry Pastor Dave Ward stands on stage and claims to have a direct revelation from God, while the music plays and the lights are sufficiently dimmed to evoke the right heightened emotion.

Take a moment and bask and show off. Just like my 3-year old daughter…I tell her 14 times a day ‘you’re the most beautiful thing in the world.’

And she puts on a dress that doesn’t go with her shorts, and she wears long socks that don’t match….she walks up to me proudly and prances around and I just go ‘oh my goodness, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.’

Let’s be like that with the Lord right now. Put on your outfit. Your quirks. The things you don’t feel good about yourself, the things that don’t match. The circumstances, the challenges, the weaknesses…

Telling the congregants to act like three-year-olds and get ready to prance and twirl so that God can tell us we’re the most beautiful thing in the world, he continues:

I dare you, says the Lord, to come before me, and give the Lord a little twirl… if you’re a man do it in a manly way… but just stand, prance, twirl before the King of the universe, the Father who looks at you and says ‘before you do a thing ‘you move Me.’ You move Me. You move Me. You move Me.

Pleased as can be that they are moving God, Ward then turns it around a bit, doing a little switcheroo, telling his congregation:

Now tell him it back. Do it proud. Because I move You…I move You…tell the world, tell those around you. I move You. I move the King of the universe! I move you. I move You. I move You.”

Watch the video.

It’s so grimy it hurts.

H/T to Salt and Light for the video.


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5 thoughts on “Video: Bethel Church Literally Sings Worship Songs to Themselves

  1. Yeah, God is super impressed with how awesome and amazing you are. You just keep preaching that. That’s what worship is for- to bask in our awesomeness and revel in how God just adores all of us. At least you walk out feeling better, and isn’t that what church is all about? Feeling great about ourselves- confident and beloved?

    Evangelicalism as Therapeutic Deism. What else is new?

  2. Almighty God reduced to a cheerleader while the clay elevates itself above the potter – what’s wrong with these people?

  3. I heard a word of worship from a simple heart. He’s happy that the LORD is moved because of his open and willing heart and he’s celebrating that.

    Just my opinion

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