Beth Moore Scolds 6 SBC Seminary Presidents for Signing Anti-CRT Statement

Beth Moore has jumped headfirst into some new controversy, this time criticizing the six presidents of the SBC seminaries on account of their statement declaring CRT to be incompatible with the Baptist Faith and Message.

Moore has notoriously led the charge into full-blown liberalism by the SBC for over 10 years, becoming more and more egalitarian, ecumenical, and brash in her disregard for scripture. Her theological ineptitude and outright horribleness is the stuff of legends, as she has routinely claimed direct revelation from God (like her famous tale of God telling her to brush a guy’s hair instead of witnessing to him), affirming so-called woman pastors and those who affirm LGBTQ+labeling her entire denomination racist, and claiming white supremacy is “running rampant” in the church. She has liked tweets dissuading believers from sharing the Gospel at BLM protests, resulting in her recent event in Monatan to be protested by Protestia supporters and it was recently revealed her ministry was hemorrhaging money.

For Moore, however, she can always find affirmation on Twitter, and thus she posted:

This led one commenter to rightly note:

It wasn’t too long that Moore wrote on Twitter “I’ve repeatedly asked this question in good faith in direct messages to various SBC leaders & have yet to receive a clear, concise, consistent answer. Please, for those of us seeking to understand, define CRT in, say, 4 sentences. Is preaching against racism ‘any version’ of it?

The fact that Moore, long regarded as the bastion and beacon of her former denomination and greatest SBC teacher that ever lived cannot distinguish between Critical Race Theory and “biblical justice” would be enormously troubling if it weren’t so unexpected. These two things are different. One does not need CRT to have a biblical framework of how we should treat other races. One does not need CRT to relate to fellow brothers and sisters of a different skin tint or to know and discern what our response is to injustice and sin in the world as it pertains to race relations. We can have one without needing the other. Jeff Maples of Reformation Charlotte notes:

It is not the job of the Church to fight every injustice in the world. And the entire movement (of CRT) , which is rooted in the divisive notion of Intersectionality–namely, that white people are at the top of the oppressor class pyramid and by the very virtue of their skin color, oppress people who are not white–serves to do nothing but tear the Church apart.

Because Moore does not understand this, she will peck and peck at the issue, raising up strife, and galvanizing her collective fanboys into further confusion.

For more on Moore and the problems with her, consider buying this book.

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8 thoughts on “Beth Moore Scolds 6 SBC Seminary Presidents for Signing Anti-CRT Statement

  1. I wish these people could cite instances of this systemic racism. All we ever hear is that it exists. Yet, there are many black doctors, pharmacists, athletes, teachers, athletes, and more athletes that prove that the claim of systemic racism is just a red herring.

  2. Extreme arrogance, coupled with bearing false witness. Assuming the rest of us aren’t intelligent or discerning or knowledgeable of the Bible enough to know the glaring difference between the evil that is CRT and injustice as God defines injustice, as well as God’s prescription of how to deal with it.

    Then proceeds to speak of the idea that people are collectively guilty of sins they haven’t committed, while others are collectively innocent whether they sin or not, which has no basis in scripture whatsoever. It’s antithetical to scripture. What are these mysterious “power structures” ?? Define them – specifically. What are the specific injustices?? List them. What is “systemic racism” specifically?? Who has been unjustly denied opportunity as a result of these supposed structures?? Name them, and explain how they were systematically oppressed. And if such mysterious “structures” exist, how did they not oppress the numerous successful and wealthy non-whites??

    The vast majority of non-whites pushing CRT, such as X-Kendi, disprove their theories all by themselves. They’re multi-millionaires. Now how did that happen if they were being oppressed by some mysterious “power structure” purposed to hold him down ???

    1. And Beth Moore has a net worth estimated at 10 million.

      Clearly if anyone is a part of any mysterious “power structure” it must be her. Let’s see her donate about 9 million. Put her money where her hypocritical accusatory mouth is.

  3. Beth Moore is quite the snake. There’s no good way to answer the question, “Is preaching against racism ‘any version’ of it?” because racism has been redefined to include groups and power structures rather than individual behavior and attitudes. With the modern definition a white person cannot experience racism and a black person cannot commit racism (although they can be racially prejudiced which is somehow different from *real* racism). Twitter should be ignored as it’s the realm of women and effeminate men spouting off their banal hot takes.

  4. Just remember a starving 4-year old white boy in a west Virginia shack is oppressing Oprah Winfrey and LeBron James…. lol

    1. Yeah but Kate has that pink hair thing going on, she’s more culturally relevant (style anyway) so I don’t know, that’s a hard call to make?

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