Beth Moore Suggests Those Wary of a Liberal Takeover Don’t Like Jesus, Only Power

Beth Moore continues to push her strange version of Jesus on the world, this time under the guise of castigating Christians who have rightful concerns about the presence and power of progressivism in the culture. She doesn’t have to, of course. There are a million things she could be Tweeting about, but instead, she chose to take a few potshots and gaslight the brethren looking at the world around us losing its mind.

Moore mocks the notion of “the Liberals are coming, the liberals are coming’ all the while this world is embracing the notion that men are women, and women are men, and if you say otherwise you’ll likely to get banned from social media or even arrested in some situations.

But this is not the binary option as Moore makes it out to be. We don’t FEAR liberalism, but rather we despise it and stand against it because we LOVE and FEAR the Lord and his word. Moore speaks about the threat of a progressive takeover as if it’s not really a thing- just a bogeyman that weak will-ed Christians believe in; a conspiracy theory for the uninformed plebs. Yet the creep of liberalism and progressivism is real, and Jesus HATES it. The scriptures stand against every inch of it, and all of its virtues are a putrid stench in his nostrils.

She concludes by noting that “some of us who love God” wouldn’t have liked Jesus” letting you know which one she is, and which one you are. If you believe in that liberal drift and want to fight against it, you’re nothing but a power-hungry Jesus-hater, and Moore pities you mightily.

For the uneducated, Moore’s theological ineptitude and outright horribleness is the stuff of legends, as she has routinely claimed direct revelation from God (like her famous tale of God telling her to brush a guy’s hair instead of witnessing to him), affirming so-called woman pastors and those who affirm LGBTQ+labeling her entire denomination racist, and claiming white supremacy is running rampant” in the church. She has liked tweets dissuading believers from sharing the Gospel at BLM protests and recently said that The Pulpit Has become a Threat to Women’ and criticized complementarianism, as ‘It Wipes Out Half the Gospel Force’.

5 thoughts on “Beth Moore Suggests Those Wary of a Liberal Takeover Don’t Like Jesus, Only Power

  1. Rebellious projection. Those who reject God’s Word (any part, to any degree) are all about their own power.

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  3. Just stop covering her. We know who she is and what she is about. Only the goats who follow her need to know this but they’re not interested.

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