Beth Moore Follows ‘tHe ScIEncE’ and Demands Unvaccinated Mask-Up if They Love Jesus

Beth Moore, feeling extra peevish ever since she threw off the shackles of the expectations of the Southern Baptist Convention, took to social media to explain that a refusal by unvaccinated people to wear a mask around “vulnerable people’- which themselves may or may not be already vaccinated- is sinful and unconscionable and is basically a sure sign that you care more about your freedoms and rights than their life.

Moore, for the uneducated, has notoriously led the charge into full-blown liberalism by the SBC for over 10 years, becoming more and more egalitarian, ecumenical, and brash in her disregard for scripture. Her theological ineptitude and outright horribleness is the stuff of legends, as she has routinely claimed direct revelation from God (like her famous tale of God telling her to brush a guyโ€™s hair instead of witnessing to him), affirming so-called woman pastors and those who affirm LGBTQ+labeling her entire denomination racist, and claiming white supremacy is โ€œrunning rampantโ€ in the church. She has liked tweets dissuading believers from sharing the Gospel at BLM protests, resulting in her recent event in Monatan to be protested by Protestia supporters and it was recently revealed her ministry was hemorrhaging money.

She goes on to say that refusing to wear a mask as an unvaccinated person demonstrates that you don’t love Jesus, don’t follow Jesus, you don’t love your neighbor or your enemy, and for all intents and purposes, you might as well be stuffing the COVID droplets down their noses and killing them yourself.

She does this all while giving a distinct impression that she believes that if you choose not to get the vaccination right away, you are spiritually defective and are likewise failing to love your neighbor, serving as a walking and talking Russian roulette pistol, pulling the trigger with every encounter you have.

Looks like Beth Moore has discovered tHe ScIEncE and is now seeking to lay sin at the doorsteps of anyone who does not agree with her and her biblically, logically, and scientifically unsubstantiated assertions.

We told you Moore would behave this way, and this is only the first, small stutter-step.

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16 thoughts on “Beth Moore Follows ‘tHe ScIEncE’ and Demands Unvaccinated Mask-Up if They Love Jesus

    1. Wow. It is truly amazing how ignorant some people are.

      Johnny and Beth, do you children understand that the air holes in a medical mask are a thousand times larger than a covid virus? They achieve nothing except reduce oxygen by 15% in small children and cause an increase of bacterial pneumonia infections.

      Another fact of science, my innocent little ones, vaccines prime the immune system to react faster to the invasion of the covid virus. That’s all they do. They do not prevent transmission and they do not prevent infections.

      But, and here is a problem, the jabs contain polyethylene glycol (PEG), which subdues your immune response. This is why vaccinated people get much sicker than unvaccinated people.

      It is also why people with a brain refuse to be “vaccinated” by a jab content that puts them in a worse position or kills them.

      Johnny and Beth… please ask mummy and daddy to read this post to you, slowly and using little words if necessary.

      And, sorry, I do not know why PEG is put in the jabs. When you are a little older, I will explain why graphene oxide sucks the oxygen out of your cells, creating an open door for every cancer that exists.

  1. Clueless woman. She doesn’t even know what the CDC is saying and recommending, much less why people are opposed to the so-called vaccine.

    1. Wear your damn mask and take the vax. Make your kids too or else we call CPS to report. Stop being a murderer!!

    2. Wear your damn mask and take the vax. Make your kids too or else we call CPS to report. This is about PUBIC HEALTH not individual choice. Stop being a murderer!!

      1. Healthy kids and young people are probably more likely to suffer long-term damage or death from the vaccine than they are from the virus. Which makes you, yet again, a murderer by your own “reasoning”

        Beth Moore is too, btw – encouraging vaccinated people not to wear a mask, when they can still get the virus and spread it – she’s putting the lives of others at risk, by her own “reasoning”

      2. Apparently, you’re too stupid to understand science, ‘Johnny.’
        Masks are as useless as your morally and intellectually retarded comments.
        I’m reporting you to the Special Olympics.

      3. See if you can follow this, it’s very simple. Pay attention. There are two possible scenarios:

        1) Those who have taken the so-called vaccine cannot get the virus and therefore cannot spread it. IF that is the case, then those individuals who have chosen not to take the vaccine have made their own choice, assumed the risk of their own free will, and therefore if they do get the virus it will be nobody else’s fault. And of course those who took it, would have nothing to worry about.

        2) Those who have taken the so-called vaccine can still get the virus, and therefore can still spread it. IF that is the case, then the vaccine cannot stop the spread, and refusing to take it could not possibly put anyone else in any greater risk than they already are.

        The second case is the true one. But even if the first were true, there would still be no ethical or moral argument to be made that choosing not to take the vaccine is wrongfully putting anyone else at risk.

        What would wrongfully put people at risk would be to lie to them. Lies like claiming that masks are a foolproof protection from the virus. Lies that might cause people to put their faith in a vaccine that doesn’t stop them from getting the virus and doesn’t stop them from spreading it (which you and Beth Moore are doing right now).

        1. And as mentioned before, that second lie actually puts others more at risk, because a vaccinated individual may be less likely to have symptoms, less likely to know they have it, and therefore more likely to unknowingly spread it.

        2. Those lies are the “misinformation” that could qualify as murderous. Blatantly lying to people about the efficacy of masks. And especially blatantly lying about the vaccine, leading people to believe if they take it they can’t get the virus and can’t spread it.

          THAT “misinformation” is coming from the government, big tech with all their censoring, you democrats, and some republicans. If any “misinformation” is potentially murderous, that is, beyond any doubt.

        3. And that’s as simple as I can put it. It should be simple enough for a kindergartner to understand.

          If the so-called vaccine works to stop the spread, there is no ethical or moral obligation for anyone to take it
          If the so-called vaccine doesn’t work to stop the spread, there is no ethical or moral obligation for anyone to take it

          Therefore, the math is simple – there is no ethical or moral obligation for anyone to take it.

          1. I would add that the data proves that second case to be true. Throughout the world we see the percentage of those infected, and in severe condition, either coincides with or exceeds the percentage of those vaccinated. The latest surge in cases is increasing at a rate equal to, or even faster, than previous pre-vaccine surges. Data shows, math shows, logic shows, common-darned-sense shows, the so-called vaccine doesn’t do diddly-squat to stop the spread, or to reduce the severity. Promoting it as being more effective than it actually is produces worse results than not having a vaccine at all. Nothing good comes from lies and deceit. But this is the progressives/secularists in a nutshell – always wrongly thinking they can achieve just and good ends through unjust, totalitarian, and evil means.

  2. Beth Moore needs to understand that the elect have marked her and do not regard anything she has to say as beneficial. She has it backwards which isnt surprising. Agreeing with lies is actually hating Christ and certainly not loving Jesus! She is as her god satan who is the father of lies who came to kill, steal, and destroy!

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