Beth Moore Preaches About As well As A Dog Can Walk On Its Hind Legs

That is to say, not very well. You want to hear some bad preaching? We have some bad preaching for you.

In a newly unearthed clip, Beth Moore – both the doting perfect princess of Lifeway/SBC proper and the red-headed stepchild of the faithful remnant within, preached a sermon in March 2020 at Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago.

She was introduced by Senior Pastor Charlie Dates in glowing terms as “Auntie Beth,” who commended her to his congregation “I hope you will receive with me with all the honor in the world, the esteemed privilege we have to hear from one of God’s leading women in the world, Beth Moore.”

If the name Charlie Dates sounds familiar, you likely know him from an article we wrote where we relayed that, being an SBC Executive Committee Panel Member, he said the SBC “Don’t Need Black Faces with White Theology/Voices/Ideas Leading the Convention.”

But in the clip below, Moore makes this fascinatingly bizarre and eisegetical connection between Noah getting drunk at some point after becoming a farmer and…Christians getting drunk off their own fruity giftedness? And something about getting lit and being alone? Who are the sons covering Noah’s nakedness? Is that metaphorical too? What in world is going on here?

The historical-grammatical method is far, far away from this one.

She says:

Noah, as a man of the soil, began by planting a vineyard and he drank some of the wine and became drunk.

What a weird thing to find in scripture! Because we know he was a righteous man, and it seems like he literally got off the boat and got lit.

And you know what? I mean who could blame him. Who could blame him? And no wonder he became a man of the soil. Nothing would make you a man or woman of the soil like being tossed around on a boat in nothing but water for weeks on end. Of course, he became a man of the soil.

But the first thing we see is he planted a vineyard, he drinks of the wine, and he gets drunk on it, and here’s this metaphor that I want to suggest to you. This is what happens when people, and I want you to think in spiritual terms, drink alone. On their own fruits. They just get drunk on it.

We got people all over this nation that are boasting in their giftedness, drunk on their own fruit. Nobody else is drinking of it the way they are. They’re not drinking of anybody else, because all they want is the wine coming from their own fruit.

This is not the picture that Scripture gives us. There is a community that works together. There is a community that comes together that can know gladness instead of drunkenness. Let me tell you something, this Christian world and this nation is drinking something. The only way I know to explain some of what we’re seeing is somebody’s slipping something in the water somewhere, and we’re drunk on our own fruit.

The full video can be seen here, but we don’t know why you would punish your ears like that. Don’t be a sadist. But if you ever have friends and family ask you what’s wrong with Beth Moore and her preaching, you’ll always have this.

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14 thoughts on “Beth Moore Preaches About As well As A Dog Can Walk On Its Hind Legs

  1. Now you have to apologize to dogs, especially those who are smart enough to sit and not preach without having to be told. 🙂

  2. It’s pretty common to hear preachers allegorize scripture. From the small time local pastor to the big names. You don’t need these people to understand your bible. Read and study and God will teach you.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this post since it first appeared. Truthfully, I don’t think the majority of the church members in SBC churches understand the problem with her “sermon.” Most would applaud it. Why have they spent millions of dollars on her books, workbooks, and conferences? What makes her so attractive – besides great hair? Okay, if a man preached the same thing, what is the matter with it? Why don’t our members know better?

    (1) I think it’s time to get the lights off Beth. I’m really afraid what people are thinking when they see the level of carping criticism that Christians continually direct toward one another. Who would want to be one of us? They can go to work on Monday morning and get shot up. Turn on cable news. Who’s being run down today? Or, just stay home and take it from their dysfunctional families. I’m not suggesting that we sweep the junk under the rug and play like everything is okay. But we need to look at the root problems and do what’s right. She shouldn’t be so popular IF believers were genuinely grounded in the Word.

    (2) Look inside most churches today. No solid teaching. Crummy preaching. [I’m sick of “preachers” performing their scripts downloaded off, and the like.] If you’re going to go after Bethie, do one better and start demanding that the men who call themselves preachers do their own homework and prepare biblical sermons for their own congregations. If the Bible isn’t enough, they sure don’t need other men’s sermons prepared for other churches. They need to leave the pulpit.

    (3) Good preaching has its place, but it’s not enough. One of the greatest shortcomings in churches today is our failure to help our members develop a consistent habit of Bible reading. Simply telling them they “ought to” is not enough. We need to do everything we can to make sure that it is happening. One person at a time, if necessary – it’s that important. Teach people to read the Word AND study it for themselves. By her own testimony, Beth got interested in Bible study when a coach at her own church taught a class how to do inductive Bible study. Teach members to search the Word and evaluate what they hear. Just because a preacher uses God’s name and quotes a Bible verse doesn’t mean that he is preaching a biblical sermon. We MUST develop members who think biblically and ask good questions. Otherwise, they’ll keep falling for the pop theology and outright false teaching that are being shoveled out the doors of the publishing houses and through the cable networks . . . . and from many of our pulpits. In SBC churches, I’ve heard people say, “At least, we don’t have to worry about it if it’s sold at LifeWay.” Really???? It’s past time to throw out the fluff and the puny literature and start reading the Bible straight. THEN, give people a chance in the church to speak what they have learned and grow together. Making the pastor the star (whether he can preach a lick or not) is only weakening our churches. 1 Cor 14. Our people need to be able to talk Bible, not Facebook — or Beth.

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