Conservative Women’s Bible Teacher Says Beth Moore is Hellbound Unless She Repents

In a lengthy interview with Justin Peters, actually conservative women’s Bible-study author and teacher Susan Heck made the assertion that Beth Moore is on her way to hell unless she repents of her sins.

Heck explains that Moore has a continual habit of “adulterating the Word of God” and that her first encounter with Moore was a teaching VHS tape she watched, where after viewing the whole thing and realizing how bad it was even then, she thought, “Lord, that was disgusting.”

According to Reformation Charlotte:

‘My concerns about her,’ Susan says, ‘poor hermeneutics. She has terrible rules of interpreting Scriptures.’

‘She is very narcissistic, she is very dramatic,’ Susan continued, ‘she doesn’t exegete Scripture, she doesn’t apply Scripture.’

Susan says she has looked at Beth Moore’s social media accounts and taken screenshots with her so that when people challenge her on Beth Moore’s problematic teachings, she can ask them ‘is this the woman you want to emulate, is this a godly woman?’

‘I’m not trying to condemn her,’ Susan went on to say, ‘I feel great sorrow for her because she is the blind leading the blind–they’re both going to fall in a ditch.’ Then, she added, ‘unless she repents, the blackest of darkness is reserved for her forever. That doesn’t make me happy.’

Mercifully, it appears said false teacher Beth Moore is about to take a break from Twitter for a while, explaining that she’s putting herself “in a time out for a bit” because she feels too strongly about certain things and doesn’t trust herself to not “get ugly.” This a strange take given how milquetoast and mild her demeanor has always been. [Editor’s note: Bro, you forgot to turn off your sarcasm amplifier…]

Though she has a vaunted reputation for being some “stunning and brave” teller of truth, anything she’s ever said has been the barest and most mild of critiques. The faintest wisp of a hint of shade from Moore gets turned into some megaton sophistry bomb that turns sand into glass, aided by sycophantic supporters who lift her up as a christ figure. Her reputation as someone who has stood up and broken free of the shackles of the SBC is wholly underserved. There are no hot takes coming from Auntie Beth Moore’s mouth, but rather some barely warmed over opinions that gain her plaudits from the very same progressives to whom she is pandering. People need to ask themselves: other than claiming that most churches in the SBC are racist, what has she really said? Thankfully, she’s going home. Even if for a bit.

If you want to know more about Auntie Beth’s wily ways and why she’s such a dangerous teacher, click on this link to Seth Dunn’s Book So Long, Beth Moore: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us.

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1 thought on “Conservative Women’s Bible Teacher Says Beth Moore is Hellbound Unless She Repents

  1. I am always hesitant to say who is or isn’t going to hell or heaven. That is God’s decision not anyone elses.

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