Former SBC Pastor Accepts Job at 12,000-Egalitarian MegaChurch

Charlie Dates is the pastor of Progressive Baptist Church, Gospel Coalition contributor, and former SBC Executive Committee Panel Member. Our audience may know him from saying that the SBC “Don’t Need Black Faces with White Theology/Voices/Ideas Leading the Convention” and calling Beth Moore “one of God’s leading women in the world.”

Notably, he attacked other Black Christians as sell-outs simply because they have not devoted their lives to fighting the artificial boogeyman that is “white supremacy” and has “lambasted them for saying things like “I’m Christian before I’m Black.” while also explaining that Current Worship Songs Are Slave Owner/ Captor Songs + Laments Loss of ‘Black Sacred Music’

Two years ago the then former Southern Baptist wrote in a fiery departure letter to RNS how for years he was trying to give the SBC a chance to assume good motives, but that that they’ve all shown themselves to be a bunch of racists unable and unwilling to change their kukluxklanning ways by not supporting CRT – an unforgivable betrayal which necessitates his departure.

Dates will be taking over the 9000-15000-member megachurch (depends on who you ask) Salem Baptist Church from Pastor James Meeks, who is retiring. The church is known for both its size and its community activism.

What’s of note is that unlike his former denomination’s stance on women being pastors, and his own church’s position with its Southern Baptist background, Dates seemingly has no qualms with ladies leading the church. Given his new church’s size, we expect there to be dozens of pastrixes ins various states of theological disarray, including these ones here.

Either Dates changed his position on women preaching and pastoring, or he never held it out of conviction, only convenience. Like Beth Moore leaving the SBC to become an Anglican, and Rusell Moore leaving and becoming a member of a paedobaptist church, so frequently as prominent Southern Baptists leave the denomination, they end up on the exact opposite side of the views they once professed to hold, with Bates following the trend to a T.

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