SBC President Bart Barber Explains How Braggart Rick Warren Came to Speak at the Annual Convention

Newly minted SBC resident Bart Barber shared on social media how it came to be that Rick Waren addressed the convention at the SBC 2022 Annual Conference amid controversy and questions over his inclusion at the mic, given his fallout with the rest of the denomination.

In our article SBC Credentials Committees Refuses to Remove Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church For Ordaining Women Pastor, we reviewed the recommendations of the Credentials Committee on how to deal with Warren after he violated the BFAM2000. In an unprecedented move, the committee suggested that the title and function of ‘pastor’ can be separated.

They explained that while it is true that only men can hold the “office of pastor,” perhaps women can have the “title of pastor” without the office and therefore still be in cooperation with the Baptist faith and message. They note that “(we found)…little information evidencing the Convention’s beliefs regarding the use of the ‘title of pastor’ for staff positions with different responsibility and authority than that of the lead pastor.”

Given that Warren’s name has been bandied about for a potential expulsion, the purpose-driven pope made a surprise appearance at the SBC 2022 convention and spoke uninterrupted for several minutes. He used his time to list all the accomplishments he has done as the largest Southern Baptist church in the world, to stave off criticism he has received for ordaining women pastors, bragging about all his accomplishment while telling attendees that they need to stop “bickering over secondary issues” like what gender the pastor is and instead focus on the Great Commission.

While Ed Litton allowed Warren to speak for some six minutes uninterrupted, they cut off Jennifer Buck right away. They would not let her say her peace, further putting the lie that they care about abuse victims and being a stickler for the letter when the spirit of it is too inconvenient.

Barber explains:

2 thoughts on “SBC President Bart Barber Explains How Braggart Rick Warren Came to Speak at the Annual Convention

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  2. What exactly does Rick Warren have in common with a bible adhering baptist? NOTHING. He is a heretic! He wants the protestants to cuddle up to rome, he thinks women should be in the pulpit, and I am sure I am missing much more! I guess anyone can have the floor under rule 7. HOGWASH.

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