Prominent Woke Pastor Says Current Worship Songs Are Slave Owner/ Captor Songs + Laments Loss of ‘Black Sacred Music’

Charlie Dates is the prominent woke pastor of Progressive Baptist Church. A former/ present? ERLC and The Gospel Coalition contributor and definitely former SBC Executive Committee panel member, he recently left the Southern Baptist Convention on account of their failure to embrace Critical Race Theory. Notably, he attacked other Black Christians as sell-outs simply because they have not devoted their lives to fighting an artificial boogeyman, white supremacy” and well as “lambasted them for saying things like “I’m Christian before I’m Black.”

Our audience may know him from saying that the SBC “Don’t Need Black Faces with White Theology/Voices/Ideas Leading the Convention,” and calling Beth Moore “one of God’s leading women in the world.”

In a new post, he laments that “Black Sacred Music” is no longer being produced to capture the “black Christian experience in America” which is about the tone of their struggle against racism and white supremacy from the white man.

Bemoaning that white people in the majority culture have “appropriated it” he explains that Black Sacred Music is a “salvific instrument” and that if it is lost, Black Christians will have lost their witness in the world. Lastly, he says that the current crop of worship music is the same music of the slavers and captors, and that when Black folk sing it, rather than their own sacred black songs, they sound like the captors.

What a way to live.

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