Lesbian Once Featured in ‘Anti-Prosperity Gospel’ Film Renounces it, Embraces Woo-Woo Theology

In 2018, The Gospel Coalition’s resident ‘GAYTHEIST’ Jackie Hill Perry appeared in the American Gospel Documentary, joining conservatives like Phil Johnson, Paul Washer, Costi Hinn, Steve Lawson and Justin Peters, along with questionable folk like JD Greear and Matt Chandler, to attack the prosperity gospel and word-faith chicanery promulgated by Benny Hinn, Todd White, Kenneth Copeland and Bethel’s Bill Johnson. In doing so they demonstrated why it’s not biblical and instead pointed its audience to the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Soon after appearing in the video that called out Bill Johnson and Bethel, she would share a platform with them. Two years later, Perry would repudiate her involvement in the documentary and its drawing dividing lines in the sand, describing the contrast between the two gospels as too tribalistic and reeking of “theological superiority.”

It’s pretty clear why.

Fresh from saying that all white people are Racists, that white people only care about black folk in the womb, Perry has begun to invest herself in the word-faith movement, which is the essence of the prosperity gospel and has at its core supernatural dreams and visions bringing forth fresh revelation direct from God himself. This is made manifest not only by the company she keeps, but also by the beliefs she’s espousing. She writes on Twitter:

The Lord deals with me prophetically...God primarily deals with me in dreams. I’ve been enlightened, warned, and led to intercede for others through them. But lately, I’ve had an increase of “inner unctions” by the Spirit, that arise in prayer, about people I know and don’t know. It’s deep.”

This is crazy. God deals with people primarily through the scriptures, with the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit. What kind of woo-woo talk is this? Even the most wretched false prophets don’t go to this extreme or believe this. Even charismatic prophetess Kat Kerr, bless her heart, doesn’t believe this. For Perry, however, this is her new normal. She concludes with a story justifying her experiences, revealing she has years of similar such stories.

And to think people raked us over the coals for discerning that the was something deeply problematic about her and her trajectory all those years ago. Give it a couple more years. Maybe then she’ll be so far gone that even the most unbalanced critic of ours with concede that something is deeply amiss, and that we called it when no one else did.


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