Jackie Hill Perry: White People Only Care about Black Folk in the Womb – Then Comes the Hatred!

Jackie Hill Perry, fresh from saying that all white people are Racists, and that the police should be defunded, took to Twitter again to voice her perception of white folk in light of the Democrats winning the Senate and light-skinned evangelicals bemoaning what this means for the unborn.

Perry, pleased with the victory to give the party of baby-death unfettered access to the syringes and scalpels needed to make their infanticidal dreams a reality, says that while she and other black people appreciate how passionate whities are about saving the unborn, it’s also true that that’s where their passion ends, as they systematically brutalize and mistreat those black babies as soon as they leave the womb, right into adulthood.

As one might expect from the resident gaytheist endorsed by the theological malcontents at the Gospel Coalition, her progressive race-baiting comments drip of CRT and give every indication of the worldview she possesses.

She writes:

After a raft of feedback, Perry conceded that the post was perhaps needlessly pithy and lacked nuance, but doubled down on the point of her post, explaining:

What it does mean is:

1: What I value (love) about many white evangelicals is there unabated commitment to the lives of the unborn. That is the heart of God, so to that, I say ‘Yes!’ And ‘Amen!’ Continue to speak up for those that can’t speak up for themselves. Please.

2: What I am grieved by and will not allow is the hatred, mistreatment, and dishonoring (systemically & interpersonally) of black people outside of the womb. And the way America is set up, our lives here don’t seem to matter as much once we’re born.

There you have it.

A plea to white folk, on behalf of all black folk, to stop hating them after they’re born, and to stop mistreating and dishonoring them on account of their skin.

If you’re a white person, please stop doing what comes naturally to you in a country that is set up to propagate this systematic racial injustice.


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3 thoughts on “Jackie Hill Perry: White People Only Care about Black Folk in the Womb – Then Comes the Hatred!

  1. I wonder if she’s ever thought of why so many white families adopt black babies into their family and older children as well, if what she says is true? Colin Kaepernick was one of those and look how that turned out. Some thanks his adoptive parents got. It doesn’t happen the other way around very often.

    Also, who is it that has been killing all those young black men in Chicago and other major cities every weekend and holiday over the past year and beyond?

  2. She so glibly dismisses what abortion really does: Literally crushes and dismembers black children at a rate 3 times that of whites. It is the ultimate, and perhaps only, “institutional racism” in this country, and she supports it 24×7.

    So are whites responsible for blacks having higher out of wedlock pregnancies, killing their children more often than whites, encouraging vile rap music, discouraging studies, glorifying the “gansta” life, etc.?

    She is sickeningly tone-deaf to lay all their problems at the feet of whites. What a pathetic racist she is.

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