Al Mohler Blames Trump for Chaos at Capitol

As pro-Trump protesters and Antifa entered the capitol building, some by force others by building security, ultimately forcing it to be locked down and evacuated when things became too raucous, Southern Baptist President-Elect Al Mohler took aim at President Trump, blaming him for the chaos and saying that he is responsible for the mayhem.

The invitation of the populace into the hallowed halls of Capitol Hill came as lawmakers met to certify the Electoral College votes, eventually causing disorder and pandemonium to break out, and for Mohler to take his shot, writing:

What we are seeing in Washington now is the refutation of our American commitment, a form of unleashed anarchy which is the enemy of ordered liberty, and President Trump is responsible now for unleashing mayhem. Pray that God will rescue is [sic] from this.

It’s a move from Mohler that we called many months ago, and is not unexpected given the cloying relationship he has with the President.

During the 2016 elections, Mohler signaled his inability to vote for Trump. In an op-ed for the Washington Times, Mohler opined, “I am among those who see evangelical support for Trump as a horrifying embarrassment – a price for possible political gain that is simply unthinkable and too high to pay.” He also tweeted out, “Never. Ever. Period.”

Then he changed his mind. On April 15, 2020 Mohler laid down his steadfast, staunch opposition to Trump and announced he would be voting for his long-time nemesis, sexual perversities and all, and would furthermore be voting Republican for the foreseeable future. This action caused the dogs of war to howl all across the SBC, disappointing and enraging many parties who saw the move as Mohler selling out and selling his soul.

We here at Protestia claimed that Mohler’s support wouldn’t last long, that it was a ploy to appeal to the conservatives and that he would soon find fault and would be looking for excuses to declare that Trump had gone too far, giving him cover to rescind his support. Perhaps we have found it.

President Trump, for his part, has decried the violence and called for peace, tweeting out:

Editor’s note. There is some confusion about the presence of Antifa and far-left agitators at the event, so we have deleted a section about that until we have further clarity.

4 thoughts on “Al Mohler Blames Trump for Chaos at Capitol

  1. We all should have seen this coming from a mile away as the left’s troublemakers always try to infiltrate the enemy lines. Pretty common tactic. Think of the propaganda value to hurt the image of Trump supporters and Republicans in general as it’s already begun. Even conservative talkers on Sirius aren’t saavy enough to know what’s going on as they are condemning Trump supporters.

    Y’all do realize was going to be the last Republican President anyway, right. So what do we do with Mike Pence?

  2. Antifa sparked the riot, some frustrated patriots were duped into cooperating with them in the heat of the moment, and capitol police were instructed to stand down to allow it to happen; some even had been sent home beforehand. This was orchestrated.

    And it worked brilliantly. Evil.

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