James River Church Quietly Purges Infamous Anti-Mark Driscoll Sermon, But We’ve Kept a Copy

Last month we revealed that James River Church, led by John Lindell, was paying tithe money to promote their now infamous sermon rebuking Mark Driscoll for calling out the sword-swallower performer at the Stronger Men’s Conference. 

During the promoted message, Lindell accused Driscoll of spreading “demonic lies” about Alex Magala, the entertainer whom he describes as a married, church-going, born-again Christian whose act was the cause of much furor at the men’s event. 

Lindell also took Driscoll to task for spreading lies and falsehoods about James River Church and for seeking to sow division and behaving duplicitously towards him and his family, insisting “Mark has repeatedly engaged in sinful behavior…to sell books, get clicks.”

In short, it was a barn burner against Driscoll, publicly calling him to repent for his ungodly, immature, cowardly and unchristlike behavior to an audience of hundreds of thousands of people. (The sermon also contained many falsehoods about Magala’s Christian faith, demonstrably so)

Despite doubling and tripling down, the sermon, from April 17, 2024, has since been purged from the church’s YouTube channel and Facebook page without any reference to where it went or why it was removed. 

But things are never quite gone, are they? 

As part of our theological catalog, we have saved a copy of it for posterity and reference here and below:

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h.t Grant Olson

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