Slain in the Spirit or Brain-Swelling Seizure? Help Us Decide Which!

‘Prophet’ John Anosike is the President and Senior Pastor of New World Faith Ministries (Spirit Revelation Ecclesia), a “multi-cultural, highly dynamic ministry with a membership of over 8000” in Cape Town, South Africa.

More particularly, he’s a prosperity-preaching heretic who routinely falsely claims to raise people from the dead, commit miraculous healings like curing cancer and AIDS, and regrowing lost limbs. He routinely takes trips to heaven when he hangs out with Jesus and God, getting supernatural and direct revelation which he then returns to earth and shares. Notably, he describes himself as “The Last Trumpet” and the “custodian of a dimension” on account of being able to bring heaven to earth.

We’ve covered twice after we were convinced he was throwing acid in people’s faces during a church service, and after he posted “super realistic” footage of him raising someone from the dead.

During a recent service, Anosike is seen praying for people and then watching them as they hit the floor, insisting that the camera zoom in on their faces while their eyes flutter and turn white, enthralled in some sort of demonic trance at what he has wrought.

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2 thoughts on “Slain in the Spirit or Brain-Swelling Seizure? Help Us Decide Which!

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