Video: Is This Pastor Healing People, or Throwing Acid In Their Faces? You Decide

‘Prophet’ John Anosike is the President and Senior Pastor of New World Faith Ministries ~ (Spirit Revelation Ecclesia), a “multi-cultural, highly dynamic ministry with a membership of over 8000” in Cape Town, South Africa.

More particularly, he’s a prosperity-preaching heretic who routinely claims to raise people from the dead, commit miraculous healings like curing cancer and AIDS, and regrowing lost limbs. He routinely takes trips to heaven when he hangs out with Jesus and God, getting supernatural and direct revelation which he then returns to earth and shares. 

He describes himself as “The Last Trumpet” and the “custodian of a dimension” that he’s come to bring into the world so that “men can access the dimension.” He’s claimed for certainty that Jesus is not coming back in the next 100 years because the church is too sick, divided, and disorganized and has pledged to write a series of books that will “change the world and bring about the final revival preceding rapture, the great harvest!”

In a recent promo compilation video (where he added some visual effects) he speaks of the importance of getting the “power of God,” which he says will protect Christians from all illness and ailment. Anosike shows off to the congregants some of the Holy Spirit’s power that he’s wielding, which looks more like he’s throwing acid on them and then watching them shriek in agony than a genuine move of God.

h/t Revealing Truth

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