Mark Driscoll Meets Up With Steven Furtick, Thanks Him for ‘Preaching Jesus’

Two of Christendom’s biggest narcissists have gotten together for a meeting and a photo-op, with the controlling and abusive Mark Driscoll posting a picture of himself with the narcegeting megalomaniac Steven Furtick. 

In the update, Driscoll thanks Furtick for “preaching Jesus and leading Arizona in worship” and “really fun to see an old friend….praying for you and your family along with many others who love and appreciate you.”

The event in question is Furtick’s Elevation worship tour, where some tickets cost up to  $2480.30 for the pair. 

Though Driscoll was once more or less sound and orthodox in the faith, being a leader and key figure in the Young, Restless and Reformed movement of the late ’90s and early 2000s, as his ministry imploded and he became disqualified from the ministry, he drifted more and more towards false teaching and embracing heretics. This is because they were the only people who would still embrace him despite his bad behavior, with charismatics in particular having historically high tolerances for pastor tomfoolery and theological indiscretions.

Over the years, apart from starting a new church where there are no elders so that he has absolute rule and can reign over his church unquestioned, he has ridiculed reformed theology, called Calvinism “garbage” defended the Roman Catholic church by saying it affirms essential doctrines, and famously publicly repented for criticizing Joel Osteen.

As for Furtick, other than making every single sermon about him and reading himself into the bible, he frequently wears outfits that cost more than most mortgages and buddies up to Trinity-Denier T.D Jakes, who he considers a mentor and spiritual father. 

Furtick also recently said that ‘God is a Molecular Structure’, laughed at the notion of ‘Twerking for the Lord?’, went on a Wild, Wild, Willllldd Rant about Betas and Blessings, went on another Rant About Angels that got Weird Quick and screamed ‘I Am God Almighty!’ in a sermon. All that while saying that God Doesn’t Make You into a New Creation.

In response to the post, the response has been mixed, with some commenters praising the team-up, and others warning Driscoll about Furtick.

Truly, these two are made for each other.

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6 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll Meets Up With Steven Furtick, Thanks Him for ‘Preaching Jesus’

  1. Egad. I wonder what limited edition sneakers and designer watch Furtig chose for the meeting? I bet they were spectacular : )

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