Steven Furtick Says ‘God is a Molecular Structure’

In a recently unearthed sermon, Steven Furtick, preaching just as the pandemic was hitting in May of 2020, seeks to describe how being apart and doing virtual services is ok, and that they as a body can handle it, because they don’t need to be in the physical church building to be doing church.

Engaging in the heresy of panentheism, Furtick says that God is made up of molecules, or a group of atoms bonded together. Because his best friend T.D Jakes is a Trinity denying heretic who believes Jesus is just a “manifestation” of God, there’s no telling what sort of weird and wonky beliefs about God and Jesus that Furtick has picked up on.

He explains:

Maybe God is showing us that his presence is not limited to a physical location, and maybe the same way we’re having church in our homes right now we won’t just have on Sunday, but maybe this is going to be a training ground for us to learn how to just have church anywhere we are. God is where you are.

Yeah you don’t go to a place where God is, how stupid is that? He’s omnipresent. You think God’s like keeping a desk somewhere in a corner office like an old college professor on Sundays? ‘Come by’ you know? Like God’s an old man in a nursing home ‘I wish you’d come see me more.’

No. God is energy. God is a spirit. God is a molecular structure that fills all in all. That’s what it means to say that ‘Christ was from the beginning.‘ So since he’s eternal, and he’s not bound by time or by location, since he can move with the cloud or move with the fire, since God is always moving that means he can visit and inhabit anywhere that we choose to give him praise.”

h/t Reformation Charlotte

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