James River Church Paying Money to Promote Lie-Filled Sermon about Driscoll and Sword-Swallower

James River Church, led by John Lindell, is paying tithe money to promote their now infamous sermon that is filled with multiple lies and misinformation about sword-swallower Alex Magala’s life and supposed “Christian” faith.

During the promoted message, Lindell accused Driscoll of spreading “demonic lies” about Alex Magala, the performer whom he describes as a married, church-going, born-again Christian. Lindell also took him to task for spreading lies and falsehoods about James River Church, seeking to sow division, and acting duplicitously towards him and his family.

Let’s start with Alex Magala, the sword swallower. Alex is a born again Christian and has been for approximately 10 years. He is married, has children wow,m attends Mosaic Church in Los Angeles
California where Irwin McManus is the pastor.

While Alex was here he participated in worship and when he was taken to the airport our James River Church host watched as Alex boldly shared his faith with an individual.

Alex like many Christians has a past but he has been made a new creation. He’s been made a new creation through his faith in Jesus Christ…

All made up and wishful thinking. In his own video, Magala denies being “saved” or “born again” ten years ago, saying he’s an Orthodox Christian and “I get through the ceremony of becoming a Christian as a baby, so pretty much all my family is an Orthodox Christian.”

He says he only goes to church because his friends go there and that’s where he can find good people, has denied having a child, and later insisted that there’s nothing wrong with stripping, which he calls “go-go dancing”.

He also explains that when he performs and climbs the pole “the minute when I drop down, that to me is when I give my life to God” and when he stops just short of the ground “that’s the moment when I get saved by God.”

Despite this obvious disconnection, James River Church wants this message to go out as widely as possible, promoting it and sponsoring it on Facebook:

Rather than paying tithe money to see this video shared further, they should instead remove it.

h/t to Grant Olson, who covers this disconnect in more detail here:

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5 thoughts on “James River Church Paying Money to Promote Lie-Filled Sermon about Driscoll and Sword-Swallower

  1. Is it just me, or is there a lot of cognitive dissonance about this issue on Protestia? Seemed like y’all condemned it, then condemned Driscoll, then defended the stripper, then attacked others for saying it was inappropriate, and now are saying the dude wasn’t a Christian and Lindell lied about a bunch of stuff.

  2. I have no idea about what is in Alex’s heart, but I know that Mosaic Church with Irwin McManus was one of the pillars of the “Emerging Church,” which was the precursor of the Woke Church.

  3. Everyone involved with this debacle looks bad.

    There is no new information that can exonerate these clowns …

  4. I’m calling for a Holy cage match between Driscoll and Lindell at the next event – there’s nothing more masculine and further from preaching the Gospel than that : )

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