Lecrae Says He And His Family Are Owed Reparations+ ‘Black people shouldn’t pay taxes’

In a recent video on his channel, Christian rapper and producer Lecrae and his friends argue that they are owed reparations on account of their skin color and ancestral tragedy in the form of not paying taxes.

We’ve spoken at length about how by every measurable standard, Lecrae’s much-lauded deconstruction is not healthy, but rather is the picture of unhealth leading to death, revealing:

In a Deep End episode ‘What White People Need to Know About Their Black Friends’, Lecrae and his friends Adam Thomason and BJ Thompson argue that it’s not fair that some Indian tribes get money from casinos but they don’t reparations for the misfortune of their ancestors. Turning to his personal situation, Lecrae shares:

Lecrae: “There’s been no compensation for what our, you know, family has endured, you know what I’m saying? So I always think about that-“

Thomason: “Black people shouldn’t pay taxes, that’s my first easy reparation.”

Lecrae: “Hey, that’s good reparation.”

Thomason: “They shouldn’t have to pay taxes.”

Lecrae: “I’m with that. I’m with that”

Thomason: “So that nobody gotta give no checks out of the account. Just don’t make them pay taxes.”

Lecrae says that white people struggle with this concept of reparations, using the story of his relatives for why he believes he deserves them. He tell a story about his great, great, great, great grandfather, his “four times great grandfather” was once cheated out of 80 acres of land and then eventually murdered and killed, along with his wife. (A scenario that apparently has never happened to any white person going back 160 years) It’s for this reason that he thinks he shouldn’t have to pay taxes:

“And so people then look at us and say, “how can you demand reparations?”

I’m like, well, I mean, if you think about it, 80 acres of land was just taken from our family and my three times great grandfather was just murdered. So you know what I’m saying? So I was like, bro, how do you, what do you want me to say?”

h/t The Dissenter

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4 thoughts on “Lecrae Says He And His Family Are Owed Reparations+ ‘Black people shouldn’t pay taxes’

  1. Every time Lecrae speaks he further provides evidence that he is a Christian in name only. I would ask that Lecrae not be referred to as a Christian but perhaps a “self professed” Christian. Lecraes words and actions reveal his secular worldview.

  2. Lecrae is obviously unfamiliar with Christ’s admonishment to “…Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s…”
    Understandable, since it’s in the Bible.

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