Rapper Lecrae Rebukes Street Preacher for Preaching the Gospel at Rap Concert

We have explained numerous times that Rapper Lecrae is thoroughly theologically compromised, loving the world and the things of the world [Editor’s note: Compare 2 Timothy 4:10, Demas], and here is more proof of that, interrupting a street preacher at a Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & GZA concert as part of their “3 Chambers Tour” at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO.

He also wore a shirt in homage to an absolutely filthy song, as can be seen here.

Earlier in the night, the street preacher specifically called out Lecrae after seeing him attend the concert, where the songs played are incredibly filthy and vile (the kind of music Lecrae likes, apparently), telling him:

You claim to obey Christ, but you follow after the ways of the world…Out of that same mouth that you proclaim His name you pollute your body with smoke, and you claim to proclaim God in your lyrics, in your words, and you’re gonna have to repent Lecare. You’re gonna have to give your life to Him for real.

Are you going in there to testify to them? Are you going in there to eat and drink with the drunkards? Look, I care about you. Don’t partake with the workers of iniquity…Look at all these people walking in their sin. They’re walking off of a cliff. They’re walking off the cliff into destruction. And you can have an influence on that, man. Believe the gospel. Believe what it says. Don’t pick and choose and cherry pick. He says if you’re lukewarm, he’s going to spit you out of his mouth. He needs to repent to your sin once and for all. Because you’re cursing every other minute.

We co-sign that. An hour later, while the street preacher is talking to a guy, Lecrae comes up and goes into full-on Karen mode by berating him, telling him that what he’s doing is wrong and ineffective, pointing out he needs to “meet people where they’re at” and “build relationships with people.”

Preacher: “Did Jesus always build relationships with people?” * (See Editors Note 1.)

Lecrae: “Of course he did!”

Preacher: “Or did he rebuke the Pharisees?”

Lecrae: “Meet people man. Meet them where they at and build relationships with people….Peter and Matthew would have been diametrically opposed to each other, a tax collector and a zealot, they would have hated each other. Because of the relationship that was established, they did not kill each other fam.

All I’m saying is, yes, you do have to bring truth to people, but you bring truth to people who trust you and know you care. They’ll listen if they believe you care. I’m inside talking to a young lady who’s working for Live Nation. And we can have a whole dialogue and conversation and it turned into a conversation about her faith and lack thereof and it was beautiful. And it wasn’t because I came to her and told her “you’re gonna burn. It was because…

Preacher: “But does the Bible say, ‘how can they hear without a preacher?’ [Editor’s note: See Romans 10:14 where it says exactly that] Or does it say go build a relationship with her first? It tells us to go into the highways and byways…”

Lecrae: “(Jesus) said love them, ‘love your neighbor as yourself…'”

Preacher: “But you’re not acknowledging what I’m telling you.”

Lecrae: “That’s not love…Grace and Truth. You’re not a friend…you’re doing exactly what the Pharisees did.”

Lecrae goes on to say that the preacher is “pushing people away” and that Jesus did not push people away, but rather he “welcomed them” and that his own way of evangelism has got him “way further” than the street preacher’s will, at which point Lecrae walked away.

With friends like these…

Editor’s Note 1. The conversation has a lot of crosstalk, and so this is an inexact and imprecise transcript. (*)

Editor’s Note 2.
h/t to Joseph Maldonado of In the Midst of the Valley ministries.

Editor’s Note 3. For Fallin’-Away Lecrae, he has been on a decades-long spiral into becoming a biblically unsound promoter of progressivism. He says he “doesn’t endorse” abortion but HATES classism. A few months ago he put on a concert in order to Get Out The Early Vote on behalf of pro-choice Democratic Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. He sputtered, “You know…well…um…er….ah….I don’t know,” when asked about the sin of homosexuality in an interview, and after Joe Biden won the election and was inaugurated that he said it “feels good to be on the right side of history” with the party that is “pro-life from womb to tomb.” Recently he has stated that hanging out on a bus ‘chopping it up’ is ‘church’.

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19 thoughts on “Rapper Lecrae Rebukes Street Preacher for Preaching the Gospel at Rap Concert

  1. The f bomb is everywhere all the time even with ‘professing christians’ with their apostate post modern “christianity. I literally feel like I cant even read comments in some places online because my eyes will be assaulted over and over again. It goes without saying that LeCrae is a ‘christian’ just like ‘justin beber’ is. Maybe the Bee should do a parody on easy believism and the result thereof and leave Christ’ sacred gospel out of things!

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    1. …and I can’t believe you labeled yourself ‘truth seeker,’ dude.
      As for Lacrae, this godless mouth-breather isn’t worth the time it took to write about him.

      1. Maybe to you he’s not worth the time took to write about him, but to Jesus he was worth dying for. Whether we have the same beliefs as others or not, Jesus loves us each so much that he died for us. Whether someone is saved or not is not our burden to carry. God is the judge and we should not try to take his place.

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