Lecrae Put on Concert to Get Dem Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff Elected to Senate

Update. Link to video and concert HERE

Rapper Lecrae, who has devolved into a biblically unsound, theologically progressive paramecium, decided to put his musical chops to bad use by putting on a concert in order to Get Out The Early Vote on behalf of Democratic Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. The purpose of the concert was to help them win their Georgia seats, thereby giving the Democrats a majority in the Senate and giving them the power and numbers to push through their progressive, pro-LGBT, pro-choice, pro-God knows what else policies.

It makes sense that he would do this, given the last few months he’s had. Those watching the trajectory of Lecrae “He went out from us” Moore knows that’s he has been in a bad way for years, showing clear signs that any semblance of formerly professing Christian faith is nearly non-existent.

From promoting and fawning over abortion-loving Democrat Stacey Abrams, to sputtering “You know…well…um…er….ah….I don’t know” when asked about the sin of homosexuality in an interview, to punting the ball when asked whether or not abortion should be legal, he’s barely a blip on the horizon as we wave to him leaving.

Billed as a rally/concert, the event took place December 17 at Turner Field in Atlanta, where he joined fellow-musician Rasheeda and her husband and manager Kirk Frost. Evidently, Lecrae was tasked to get the crowd pumped up and ready to vote the heck out of those ballots come voting day.

We wondered if he played the song “Good, Bad, Ugly” where he confesses that he paid for an abortion years ago.

To that crowd?

Nah, probably not.

Definitely all his new stuff.

In a July 2020 interview with Summer Evans for WABE, Lecrae was asked how he differentiates between political issues and Biblical issues, and the answer he gives is about as clear as mud and twice as dirty.

Issues that I feel are moral, ethical, or Biblical issues, our society has made them into political ideologies. Something that should just be a moral, ethical, or Biblical issue, has been co-opted and made into a policy or agenda. So, when you want to wrestle with that particular thing, then you’re accused of choosing a political side or picking a political agenda…when at the end of the day, loving your neighbor as yourself is not a political agenda, it’s a Biblical agenda.

He doesn’t seem to understand that when a political party chooses to take an immoral, wicked issue and make it the defining, primary plank in their platform; it becomes a political issue.

In fact, all legislation is a matter of morality. No law or piece of legislation exists that isn’t based on moral grounds. Yet in Lecrae’s infantilist world the two are seemingly distinct and unrelated.

Let’s be real about this. If the Democratic party thought they could get away with it, they’d chop off the head of their donkey logo and replace it with a dead fetus with one of its legs cut off, viscera spilling out of her body, and defensive wounds on her tiny hands where the scalpel sliced clean through them, given the fanaticism for which worship at the altar of child sacrifice. Hell, they’d probably use Lecrae’s aborted baby to fill their race-based quotas and infuse a little blackness into their symbol.

Lecrae is helping the ones who are promoting, praising, expanding, and entrenching into law a holocaust that leaves a nation knee-deep in the blood of 12-week old pre-born babies, yet he’s getting a never-ending pass because he paid for some lunatic to murder his child 15 years ago?

We don’t think so. He’s using the dismembered body of his dead daughter as a smokescreen and “get out of jail card” he can point to every time someone questions him on why he’s helping those sending babies to heaven by the truckload.

And it’s about time someone called him out on it. [Editor’s note: In case you missed it, we just did.]


8 thoughts on “Lecrae Put on Concert to Get Dem Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff Elected to Senate

  1. After reading this new story and learning of McCrae’s other signs of unbelief, it’s easy to see how having his sneakers “polished” last summer by the president of Chick-fil-A really helped him as a sign of Christian servitude.

    I wonder how many members of the black community, and that’s who this concert was intended to encourage to get out to vote early and often for Democrats, Realize that they are voting for the extermination, or at least curtailment, of their own ethnicity. Margaret Sanger was upfront about it.

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