Lecrae Gives ‘Blessings’ and ‘Appreciates’ Black Hebrew Israelites Street Preachers

Two months after Rapper Lecrae Rebuked a Street Preacher for Preaching the Gospel at a Rap Concert, criticizing his methods and telling him that what he’s doing is wrong and ineffective and that he was“pushing people away with his preaching” the prominent music artist had a decidedly different reaction when faced with a group Black Hebrew Israelites preaching blasphemy and heresy outside the recent Superbowl game, telling the obstreperous men that he “appreciates” them and gives “blessings” to them.

The video was uploaded by Sicarii on March 22, 2022. The Black Hebrew Israelites are a cult known for racist rants and openly antagonistic, vitriolic, and aggressive curse-laden proselytizing. They are not actually Hebrew, being largely ignorant of the Hebrew Bible and deny almost all fundamentals of New Testament faith. They are basically the invert of the KKK and can regularly be seen in public repeating White Supremacist, Aryan, and Neo-Nazi talking points against the “Zionist Jews.”

During the interaction, which can be seen below on Vocab Malone’s channel, Lecrae peacefully and silently observes them spewing out wild conspiracies and blasphemies, and then when asked if he has any questions, he tells them “No, I just appreciate ya’ll representing.” After listening to more of their wretched beliefs, nodding along, he eventually gives them a little wave and tells them “Blessings” as he walks off.

Lecrae appears at the 3-minute mark, but the opening minutes are crucial for context.

It’s interesting that he appreciates the heretic ‘representing’ but decidedly did not appreciate the street preachers encountered earlier in the year.

How is this any different than telling Planned Parenthood groups on campus that you appreciate them “representing?’ while they man their booths and pass out condoms and the address of the nearest abortuary? Do they get any blessings? Or telling a white supremacist group holding a lynching rope that they are appreciated for representing while they take turns peeing on a picture of Emmet Till? Did Elijah appreciate the priests representing Baal at Mt Carmel and give them his ‘blessings?’ Did Paul appreciate the Judaizers representing their beliefs at the council of Jerusalem?


Then maybe he shouldn’t appreciate these folk either.

For a long commentary on this, see Kdubtru’s video here

5 thoughts on “Lecrae Gives ‘Blessings’ and ‘Appreciates’ Black Hebrew Israelites Street Preachers

  1. Where are these white supremacist groups anyway as the “proud boys“ did not fit that description and were led by a half-Hispanic, half-black guy a couple of years ago during all the turmoil leading up to the election.

    Funny how none of those riots or creation of communities within cities like Seattle haven’t happened since now that the Biden is in office, illegally, and the Democrats control both branches of Congress. You don’t suppose it was all planned, do you?

  2. It’s not like the Zionist Jews who vandalize churches and curse Christ are anymore righteous than the BHI before God. Both groups seriously need Jesus.

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