LifeWay’s Spring 2022 Curriculum Written By Non-SBC Pastor Who Denies BFAM, Has 5 Pastrixes on Staff

The Spring 2022 edition of LifeWay’s “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum for senior adults was written by a man who explicitly denies the Baptist Faith and Message’s view of the roles of men and women and is not even a Southern Baptist, being one of the pastors at Mariners Church in California.

Brandon Hiltibidal, who is the former Director of Adults and Discipleship Strategist at LifeWay and who is contributing to the spiritual development and growth of Southern Baptists through this literature, is the lead pastor of a church that employs 5 women “pastors,” including Christine Caine who is a Word of Faith false teacher.

Our source, who did not want his name used for this article, uncovered this egregious act and explained his issues with this practice, which represents the drift in the denomination.

1. LifeWay should not employ writers who show such blatant disregard for God’s Word.
2. LifeWay should practice enough discernment to select writers that agree with the Baptist Faith and Message (The doctrinal statement of the Southern Baptist Convention) and are at least members of Baptist churches.
3. LifeWay should understand their responsibility to local churches as it relates to providing biblically faithful resources.
4. LifeWay should not make a profit off local churches through the sale of biblically unsound curriculum.

LifeWay continues to give churches curriculum that is written by people who do not agree with the beliefs of the churches that use their material or support them.

We could not agree more and hope that this is the sort of nonsense a revitalized and conservative resurgence of the SBC could help smoke out and put an end to.

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