Rap Artist Lecrae Has Been Watching Some Filthy, Filthy, Fiiiiiiiiilthy TV Shows

Naw (Indwelling sin) I ain’t trusting you
Ain’t nothing but lust in you
Thanks be to God I obeyed the teaching I was entrusted to.
…See dawg I live by the Spirit so I don’t gratify
All them old sinful desires that never satisfy

…What? A lil this, a lil that, a lil BET late at night
That’s like a lil crack, see you ain’t gone lie to me
I see how you be tryna be
BET tonight becomes addiction to pornography
And that’s in no way honoring the God who’s ruling sovereignly

…after that I sober up and think of Jesus holding up
His skin up on the cross for all them drunken nights I’m throwing up
Every thought of blowin’ up is captured in his flowing blood
I start thinking Philippians 4:8 when you showing up

Lecrae. Indwelling Sin. Rebel album, 2008. Pre-Deconstruction.

Prior to his professed deconstruction of his faith (more on that here) rapper Lecrae was a very different person. He would frequently speak out against sexual sin and lust in his music, along with the battles of his flesh against the draws of his flesh. One example would be his song Indwelling Sin, which we’ve included a few lines above, which describes what it’s like struggle to stay pure against rising sinful desires. Back then, if you asked him whether or not Christians should be watching TV shows and movies filled with sex and nudity, he would have given a firm ‘no.’

This is not the case anymore.

Two shows stand out from Lecrae’s list. One is the adult-rated ‘Ozark’, which we discussed here. Not only is there tons of cursing in this series, between 20-50 F-bombs an episode and a fair amount of violence, the show is rife with sex scenes, including many graphic homosexual ones, resulting in it being rated 18+ in many countries. This is a show where less than three minutes into the very first episode, a semi-nude man receives oral sex and then starts thrusting into a woman, and the rest of the sexual content is consistent and persistent.

Another series is ‘Snowfall’ which also contains a ton of graphic sex and nudity and which Lecrae has watched through. This series has received cautions from both Common Sense Media and it’s IMBD page, who explain:

In fact, in the very first episode, within the first 5 minutes, a naked woman blows cocaine up a naked man’s backside, and then gives the man oral sex, before being joined by another woman for a threesome. In the first 5 minutes,* and Lecrae didn’t turn it off? He kept on watching after that, knowing that this was setting the pace for the rest of the movie? What sort of filth was in the rest of the 4 other seasons?

It’s almost as bad as the Senior Editor of The Gospel Coalition, Brett McCracken, shared that his Favorite TV Show Contains a Graphic Homosexual Sex Scene.

It’s shameful stuff, but Lecrae sees nothing wrong with it. In fact, he’s about to go on his “Unashamed Tour”

Time for him to revisit that song, perhaps, and the indwelling sin that he’s ceased fighting against.

  • Editor’s Note. We have not personally watched that scene from Snowfall, but two independent sources have verified that it’s there. If Lecrae can prove otherwise, we’ll take it down, but every indication is that it’s as described.

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