USA’s Largest Lutheran Denomination Blasts SCOTUS for ‘Praying Coach’ Ruling, Overturning Roe

Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, (ELCA) has naturally come out swinging against all things good and godly, blasting the recent Supreme Court ruling that determined that football coach Joseph Kennedy has the constitutional right to pray on the field after his team’s games. In a message sent by their official advocacy arm (think the ERLC in about 15 years) they explain that they would be joining with the even more reprobate United Church of Christ in “submitting a brief supporting a different outcome.”

No surprise, as these two denominations can be likened cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for the number of righteous people you’ll be able to find within these theological hellscapes.

Keeping on brand as a stand in for the Eighth son of Sceva, ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaten explains:

“Pregnant persons have moral agency; they are the ones to make decisions about a pregnancy. This church and its ministers trust them to decide but expect them to make such decisions in relationship—with God, self, partner, family, ministers and others.

A developing life does not have an exclusive right to be born This church does not support abortion as a normative form of birth control but rather understands it as necessary in some morally responsible circumstances. This church does not condone late-term abortions except in extreme circumstances, which must be determined by the individual with their medical caregivers.”

What say you, PCUSA?

4 thoughts on “USA’s Largest Lutheran Denomination Blasts SCOTUS for ‘Praying Coach’ Ruling, Overturning Roe

  1. What the heck is “Pregnant persons have moral agency?” I remember the days that if a women slept around that she was considered a slut and you didn’t live together without marriage. Socialism has successfully (almost) destroyed America, and they knew exactly how to do it. We are living with the repercussions.

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