Bethel Patrix Tells Congregants to just ‘Make Up Prophecies’ if they Don’t Hear from God

Bethel Church Pastrix Renee Evans, overseer of their Austin campus, has a novel approach to prophecy; hang out and practice prophesying over each other, don’t to worry if you prophesy falsely (as it doesn’t mean you’re a false prophet) and if you don’t hear from God, just make up a prophecy, as that’s probably what God is saying anyways. From their July 11 service:

So there are some people out there who hold the office of a prophet, but every single person has been given the gift of prophecy. That’s the difference. The prophetic is for every person and every personality type. Its not just for the extroverts, it’s not just for the people who feel comfortable speaking to strangers, it’s for every single person, whether you like people or not.

I’m going to invite some of my friends to come up. We have a high value for the prophetic as I have said, and I teach every now and then a Prophetic 101 Equip Class and if you’ve gone through this class and you’ve gotten an invitation to be further equipped or to participate in a group of us who just get together and we just practice prophesying.

We just have a lot of fun practicing the prophetic
. We are growing our gifts, we are working those spiritual muscles and we just prophesy over each other and it is a ton of fun.

And guess what? Sometimes we get it wrong. I know! I know. And that does not make people a false prophet. It means we’re practicing, and who knows when my three children learnt to walk when they took two steps and fell over I was like’ oh you fell over again!’

Of course not right? As parents were like ‘oh my gosh you took two steps’ and we celebrate the progress. So that’s what we do in this group, we celebrate the progress, we champion one another and we just practice prophesying over each other.

This is an exceedingly low and goofy view of what prophecy actually is, with the notion that we can just practice and play around with direct messages that the Lord is supposedly giving.

“We need to tell Austin or Canada wherever you’re from, we need to tell the people around us that God is available. That he cares for them that he knows everything about them and he has a future and a hope for them. We owe ..the world an encounter. We do! It is easy, we got to keep it simple.

That’s not the gospel at all. We should be telling people around us that they are a sinner in need of a savior, and tell them about repentance and faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sins, not that “God is available” and “he has a Jeremiahic hope for a plan and a future to proper them.” As is the case with Bethel, however, that explicit message is rarely given. She continues:

I want you to close your eyes for me. I want you to ask Holy Spirit to give you a word for someone. It can be a single word, a sentence, a scripture, a picture that you’re seeking. Just ask him for a word, if you’re not hearing one, make one up.

You think i’m joking but I’m not. If you have the mind of Christ then he can work through your mind and your thoughts line up with his thoughts. Okay I don’t want to give you too much time because I don’t want you to overthink it, but I want you to stand up and I want you to find someone and I want you to give them that word. That’s awesome. It’s cool.”

h/t to Salt and Light for the video, as well as the idea for the pic.


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4 thoughts on “Bethel Patrix Tells Congregants to just ‘Make Up Prophecies’ if they Don’t Hear from God

  1. Bethel is such a horrific cult that any parent that takes their child/ren to Bethel and any who allow their child/ren to attend their “school” should be investigated by Child Services and have their parental rights revoked and the kids put into foster care.

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